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What Is The Best Electric Razor For Women Of 2021?

Best Electric Razor For Women

How do you get rid of unwanted hair? Until recently I used the most inefficient methods ever. I don’t know how I could resist so long from shaving my legs. Yes, an easy and quick way to do it. But the result? For sure was far away from what I needed. It finally came to the time when I needed to say “stop” and look for a better and more efficient method: electric razor! I think I finally found the best electric razor for women which completely changed my life. Now, I don’t need to worry about shaving daily to maintain my skin smooth and hairless, thanks to women shavers.

An electric shaver for women is something every lady should have in her house to be victorious in the fight against a hairy body. This process is so efficient and can help you to achieve your goals in a blink of an eye.

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My Absolute Favorite Electric Razors For Women

When you decide to buy a lady’s shaver you will see that there are plenty of options on the market. But for sure you have some factors or criteria when it comes to choose one,such as price, size, speed, efficiencity.

Luckily for you, I am here to help you to choose the best electric razor for women, this is why I invite you to read the top 10 list I created for you below. There you will find the top 10 electric shavers tested by me and my friends. We can wholeheartedly say that none of them left us disappointed. Every single one was worth it and had a perfect combination between quality and price. I am sure you will find them as helpful as we did and they will not disappoint you either.

So, let’s check this list together. Are you ready?

Braun Epilator Silk-Epil 9

Braun Epilator Silk-Epil 9

“The best electric razor for women!”

I used this electric razor for women straight after I got out of the shower. To get rid of dead skin and make it softer I put on a coconut exfoliant on, which helped me to deal with unwanted hair. I discovered that if I’m doing it straight after the shower or during the shower the pain is not too intense. I will recommend this for ladies with a sensitive skin. My legs are very hairy, and its texture is very thick. From each pore are coming out about 2-4 hairs, so I really have to deal with a very hairy body.

Because I have a really sensitive skin I had to try so many different methods until I found the one which suits me. I hate waxing because it was painful. I didn’t like shaving because the hair would grow up again in just a few hours and would leave my pores really dark. So when I discovered epitalors I knew this is the best solution for me. I chose Braun Epilator Silk-epil after I read many good reviews. The reviews shows that the customers are really happy with this product. I tested it myself and I am pleased with the results. I love this product!

Philips SatinShave Prestige Electric Razor For Women

Philips SatinShave Prestige Electric Razor for Women

“My favourite electric razor!”

 I tried 3 brands and I wasn’t happy with the result. By far this is the best electric razor for women I have ever ordered. Firstly, what i really like about it is that it is charging super fast! Is so quiet compared with the other razors I had before. The second thing which made me fall in love with this product is that there is no need to go along the same spot twice. It removes the hair at the first pass, leaving my skin very smooth. Is a fast electric razor for women! I noticed that it reduces a lot the time spent for the process. It is a little bit more expensive than some razors, but all good products can’t be cheap. That’s why I will say it is well worth it to invest in this electric razor for women. I absolutely love it!

Remington WDF5030 Electric Razor For Women

Remington WDF5030 Electric Razor for Women

“I love it!”

If someone will ask me to pick a bad thing about this shaver I will be speechless. I’m literally super happy with this product. Is lightweight, easy to use, it comes with a manual with instructions which will guide you all the way through the process. I love that it is a silent shaver so it helps me to look after myself and use it when my baby is asleep. Some pros: charging super fast, the battery seems to last forever, the size is perfect, so you can take it with you everywhere, it doesn’t cause pain and you can use it in the shower or after. I think there is a very good synchronization between quality and price! After I ordered it and tried it. All my friends purchased it as well. It is one of the products which can change your life!

Philips-Razor Feminin Ladyshave HP6341

Philips-Razor Feminin Ladyshave HP6341

“Amazing product!”

I needed to buy a new lady shaver as my old one let me down. It was more difficult than I expected when I saw that I have so many options on the market. Before I decided, I read all the reviews about top 10 electric razors for women, good and bad ones. Afterwards I ordered the one which I thought is the best option for me. After 3 usages I can truly say I don’t regret my decision even for a second.

This product is amazing! I read that some ladies had difficulties in some areas, but for me it worked just fine on my whole body. Is a little bit noisy but I think this is because of the motor which is inside the device, which makes it faster. It is really easy to use, is painless and I didn’t experience any soreness on my skin after I use it. The electric razor for women comes with a little brush and some batteries included. I am super happy with my choice! I highly recommend it.

Babyliss 8770BU True Smooth

Babyliss 8770BU True Smooth Electric Razor for Women

“A product well worth investing in!”

In the past I experienced a lot of difficulties with shavers, because probably as every woman I couldn’t understand how these sorts of products can help you to make your wish come true: to have a smooth, hairless body. So, after I spent some time reading reviews about this procedure I decided it is worth it to give it a try, thinking that if it doesn’t work for me I can return it at any time.

My hair is very thick and black so I noticed massive differences in its growth after 3 sessions and I knew straight away I will never return this product. I am very happy I choose to switch to this method to get rid of unwanted hair. It is definitely faster and more efficient. I 100% recommend this electric razor for women!

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver Electric Razor for Women

“The key for my problem”

Very fast delivery! I received my parcel in 2 days. I decided to buy this product because I needed an urgent solution for my armpits. All the time I had a big problem with that area because it is the most sensitive one, so after my friend assured me that this device is the best solution for me I said “Why not?” This product is absolutely amazing. It helps you to get rid of unwanted hair and have a smooth and nice skin after that for a long time. My friend was right, that was my solution for my armpits.

With this device I succeed in reducing my irritated skin and the hair grows back slower than when it used to grow up when i used another method. I love that this device is so silent and easy to use. I definitely recommend this product. Very efficient, not expensive, easy to use and to store!

Conair Satiny Smooth All In One

Conair Satiny Smooth All In One

“Fantastic product!”

I had purchased another trimmer that claimed to be wet or dry. It quickly stopped working after it came in contact with a small amount of water. This trimmer seems to be genuinely water friendly. I have used it in the shower several times without any issues. It also seems to hold a charge well. I like so much the various attachments that come with trimmer. They seem to work well based on their intended function. And it’s easy to clean!

I will say the only negative thing is about the base, is a little flimsy and seems to fall over easily. I had to find a separate bag to store all the pieces in because the given base with slots isn’t as functional as it appears in the picture.

Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC

Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC

“Worth to try!”


  • Easy to handle and is a good fit in my hand
  • Nice travel kit included; brush & travel bag
  • Easy to control with just a slide of a button. It also has an option to lift up the front blade as a pop-up trimmer recommended for bikini area
  • No razor burn and this is seriously a big change from just using a good old manual shaver with a shaving cream
  • Leaves skin silky smooth
  • Shaving cream is optional because you can use this shaver both dry and wet or whenever you remember to shave lol
  • Press two buttons on the sides and you can clean the actual blades underneath easily. You can also pull out the middle piece on top (the piece that looks like a cheese grater) to clean as well. I found this out by accident while I was trying to put the top part back on and the middle piece came off. I thought I broke it, but it was meant to be removable, I guess.


  • If you’re looking for something that can shave off your hair completely, this is not for you as this shaver can’t shave close enough to the skin. With that being said, I have black hair and after using the shaver, about a few millimeters of hair on my legs and armpits are still visible. If you have lighter shade of hair on a light skin that might not be a deal breaker for you.

Brori Electric Shaver / Razor For Women

Brori Electric Shaver Razor for Women

“I like it!”

I never had a electric razor for women before so I read about all different ones on the internet and decided to buy the Briori brand which has very good reviews/ratings.

It comes in 2 color options (green or blue). I liked both colors but I chose the green razor with a matching stand that is rather stylish.

It is comfortable to hold (not too bulky or heavy). I love that it’s cordless and rechargeable. To me, that’s a big plus! It comes with a convenient black pouch to carry it in if you travel. Also included is a cleaning brush.

It works great and gives a smooth and even shave. You can clean it with water since it’s waterproof.

My only criticism is that the shaving head is a bit tricky to take off so make sure you read the instructions before you do so. After a while, you get the hang of it.

The price is reasonable in my opinion and worth purchasing.

Magnitone GoBare

Magnitone GoBare

“An amazing device!”

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a small shaver to use when I’m in a rush or to take with me when I travel. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by the brand (Magnitone) so I decided to give in and buy this shaver. I’m quite pleased with it so far.

I picked the pink shaver and I love it. The shape and size make it super cute and it’s ridiculously easy to operate and clean. I love that you can use it in the shower and I honestly think it does a great job. When it comes to noise levels, this is a lot quieter than my husband’s travel shaver which was a nice surprise. Operating it is really easy and my favourite feature is the fact that you can easily lock the shaver so that it doesn’t get activated in your luggage, just hold the button for a few seconds and wait for it to beep.

In the box, apart from the shaver and charging cable, you get a tiny brush to clean it up and a handy travel pouch to keep everything together and transport it without hassle. I will probably be buying a couple more as presents, as it is so handy and cute, I know my sister in law will love it!

How To Use The Electric Razor For Women?

How To Use The Electric Razors for Women

The steps listed below are not mandatory, but depending on your level of shaving preferences. You can easily pick and choose which ones you feel comfortable with incorporating into your daily routine and which ones at the end of the day suit your particular skin type the best:

Prepare The Area You Want To Shave

This is perhaps the most important stage for not only achieving a closer shave but also for avoiding later irritated skin, ingrown hairs and pimples. It takes only a few moments to complete and once you build it into your routine, you really will notice the longer term difference that it can make.

The main ideea is to use warm (not hot) water, because it will not only remove dirt and residue from the surface of the skin, but will prepare it for shaving process. Using warm water before the process will help you to open skin pores and also to bring out each hair from the surface of the skin. The bristles will get soften wich will make shaving process less painful and irritating.

Shaving Process

Once your skin surface is clean and your bristles sufficiently accessible and softened, the actual process of shaving starts.

This is for those of you that have chosen to use a common electric foil type shaver. The best action is to try to keep the skin shaved as taught  level as possible and move the foil cutting area against the grain of your hairs in a smooth and steady fashion. It is better to move more slowly (depending on your shaver model) then it needs to. If you  repeatedly go over the same area it will increase skin irritation and sensitivity.

For those of you that are using an electric rotary type shaver. The best action is, with your skin area as taught and level as possible as before, to use both a circular and forward and backwards movements.   Do it on the shaved area. Again, slow is better to avoid repeated action on the same area of skin.

Post Shave

Your skin is for a short period reeling from the fact that it has just had dozens of micro blades chopping frantically at the hairs covering it. Your pores remain open for a short period. That  means that they are also unprotected, and can be infected by surface dirt and shaver residue.

You should clean your skin surface to not only remove this grime, but to also remove any from your freshly open skin pores. The ideal advice would be to always end with cold water. That will not only force to close your clean pores. It also will prevent dirt entering and act as a calming effect for the natural shaving process irritation that has occurred.

Keep your shaver optimally charged! A very low charged shaver can provide constant tugging and not cutting. This can be painful and result an excessive skin irritation and discomfort.

If your electric shaver requires cutting head/blade lubrication, this should be carried out as recommended to ensure that the cutting head not only cuts at optimal levels and speed, but also to prevent the head or shaver breaking.

What You Should Know Before Buying An Electric Razor for Women?

Tips To Choose The Best Electric Shaver

If you are looking for the best way to get a clean shave in the fastest possible time, you should get one of the electric shavers. For one, they will perform better on every level and you are not required to apply any foam or gel. Since they are designed with shaving heads in different lengths, this will also give you an option to decide on the amount of hair you would like to remove.

The electric shaver is also extremely fast and convenient. When you are using the regular shaver it could take ten to fifteen minutes to get a clean shave. In fact, when you do it at this time you might even end up cutting yourself by accident. You can find many reviews for electric shavers online.

The main types of shavers are the foil or rotary heads and the dry or wet shavers. Basically, the wet shavers are waterproof and could be used while you are in shower, whilst you can only use the dry one before or after taking a shower. The rotary ones are designed with round revolving heads whilst the foil has a rectangular flat surface.

Corded And Cordless

To get maximum flexibility it is best to choose a cordless shaver because this will enable you to move around without having to shave close to the power outlet. But, the cordless ones use batteries.

Battery Charge

With a good electric shaver this will charge quickly and maintain charge for much longer. The length of time that the charge will last is important if you are traveling a lot, because this will eliminate the need to have an outlet to charge your shaver or batteries.

Electric Shaver Repair – Saving Money

Electric shavers are one of the comforts of the contemporary age that we take for granted. These devices are in the bathrooms,all over the nation and sometimes even in the briefcases of men on the go. A great electric razor for women can effortlessly cost in excess of 100 dollars which is why properly maintaining them is so important. Keeping a razor clean and functioning correctly will help it final for years to come. Instead of getting to deal with the hassle that comes from using disposable blades and shaving cream, electric razors tend to make it possible to look great and get on with life.

If an electric razor is no longer functioning properly or just is not performing the way it used to, repairing it is an inexpensive alternative to replacing the whole unit. Obviously, proper upkeep can prevent these machines from needing to be repaired. The blades ought to be cleaned out following every use. It doesn’t take many stray hairs to trigger the blades to clog up and not perform.

Failing to clean the electric shaver out properly won’t only trigger the blades to carry out poorly, it could also put extra tension around the motor because it has to work even tougher to do its job.

Why Every Woman Should Epilate And How To Do It Right?

As a woman, it’s only natural that you want silky, soft and smoother skin. What are you going to achieve that? It wasn’t so long ago that shaving was the only real optio. Of course, all that left us with was a nasty, itchy, stubbly feeling that never goes away no matter how hard we try.

Then along came the phenomenon of waxing, starting in professional clinics and health spas. Waxing can be very effective in the short term, far better than shaving in any case. The downsides to waxing are that many women are left with sore, irritated skin, while the process of waxing itself can be rather time consuming and messy.

So what can us ladies do about our unsightly, unwanted, and totally unloved body hair?

For a growing number of girls out there, the electric razor for women has become their new best friend in their quest for long lasting, silky-smooth skin.

An epilator is a small electronic device that looks much like a men’s shaver, except it doesn’t do any shaving at all. The epilator is far more brutal. Quite literally, it pulls the hair out of your legs from the roots, just like waxing, only faster and cleaner.

The epilator uses rotating discs, spirals of wire, or in some cases, miniature tweezers to grab the hairs at their base and pull them straight out of their roots, ensuring you can remain free of hair for anywhere from two-to-six weeks!

Why Should You Use An Electric Razor For Women?

Okay, so using an epilator sounds painful right? And indeed, it is. Very painful in fact.

It might hurt like hell (at least for the first couple of times), but there are some serious advantages over waxing.  That makes epilation well worth trying out.

Not Just For Your Legs

These days, the more expensive epilators come with several different attachments, designed according to the contours of different parts of the body (under the arms, legs, etc). This means you can achieve superior results all over you body.
Ideal for sensitive skin: Let’s not forget, waxing can cause some serious irritation to some women, leaving an unsightly red rash for several days after. Epilation doesn’t do that, as the tweezers or discs do not come into contact with the skin, only the hair, ensuring minimal impact. It’s also possible to epilate in the bath with some models, which does even more to alleviate any irritation.

More Efficient

One of the problems with waxing is that it doesn’t always work. There are times when some hairs are missed, as the wax presses them flat against the skin and sometimes fails to remove all of them. Epilation is different – there’s no sticky, messy, yucky wax involved, and so the hairs don’t stick to anything. In addition, some of the more expensive models utilize a special ‘hair-lift’ system that lifts the hair up, loosens it, then gently removes it, ensuring that absolutely nothing is missed out.

Epilating does hurt the first few times but the pain can be lessened quite considerably so long as you follow these epilator tips for women.

Don’t Just Start Epilating!

It’ll be agonizing, trust me! The thing with epilators is, they don’t work well with long hairs. You need to shave them first of all, and then wait until you have a couple of days’ growth, and then you can epilate them.

Jump in the bathtub. Even if you have a dry electric razor for women, a good soak in the hot tub helps to relax and loosen up those hair follicles. This means the epilator can pull all out a whole lot easier (and with less pain for you).

Take an aspirin. Or a paracetamol, whichever you prefer. Many people say this helps to dull the pain slightly.

For dry epilators, apply some talc. This will help the hairs to stand up on end, so the epilators’ job is made easier. For wet epilators, obviously talc isn’t going to do much good, but a foamy shower gel will have a similar effect.

Take It Slowly

You might be keen to get it over with as soon as you can, but epilation doesn’t work that way. You need the machine to pull the hairs out, going too fast means that you are actually yanking them out instead of the epilator.

Apply some moisturizer when you’re done. The electric razor for women is going to leave you feeling a little bit tender – nowhere near as bad as waxing but you might still be a little sore. The best way to remedy this is with some soothing moisturizer.

Do not make any mistake! Epilating is painful at first, but taking the above steps will make the experience a lot more comfortable to bear. Once you’ve epilated the same area three or four times, you’ll notice that the experience becomes a lot less unpleasant. But, of course, you’ll be delighted with the much improved results!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How To Choose A Cordless Shaver?

One of the first things you want to take under consideration is your skin type and how thick your hair grows. There are 2 main kinds of razors : foil razors and rotary cutters.

The 1st is advocated if you have got truly delicate skin. If you have thick hair and your skin is not additional sensitive then you need to go for a rotary wireless shaver, because it can offer you a cleaner shave when compared against a foil electric shaver.

You need to also go for a famous brand. When it comes to it, money should not be spared, because a sub-standard cordless shaver means a bad shave. Also, if you can, test the wireless shaver before you purchase it. You don’t want to get one that makes too much noise – generally, good cordless shavers have a quiet buzzing sound to them, and you need to go for that.

Because you’re buying a cordless shaver, always see the kind of battery it uses. Do you have to charge it or do you easily need to buy a brand new set of batteries? It’s of course that the ones that operate on batteries are way better. You don’t have to worry about taking your charger with you all the time.

What Is The Best Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin?

Using an electric shaver can be a bother sometimes if someone has sensitive skin that easily becomes irritated. If you are one of those with sensitive skin, you will want to pay whatever it takes to get the best electric shaver that won’t make your skin get irritated.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, the latest electric shavers are amazing! These are equipped with great features to provide you with close, clean shave without irritation bumps.

Many people say that using a wet electric shaver can be a perfect option for those with sensitive skin. The moisture can prevent burning, reddening or drying of the skin. If you will go above in this page you will find a list with top 10 the best electric shavers for sensitive skin on the market.

Of course there are many other electric shavers for women you can find out there. The shavers listed above are the most popular electric shavers for sensitive skin that you can find online.

Can You Carry On An Electric Shaver On Board An Airplane?

Yes. Currently, you can take an electric shaver in your bags onto an aircraft.

So many people are querying this in light of! It would seem an ever increasing prohibition list as well as an ever changing list of items that you can or cannot actually take in your hand luggage when boarding your flight.

Even more confusing is that the item electric shaver (or variations, such as electric razor) is not actually listed on the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) lists anywhere. It would be useful perhaps, that those items that are continuously searched for on their website should be included in a simple yes / no list. To get the very latest up to date list of prohibited items, you can visit the TSA official site.

How To Choose An Electric Shaver?

Don’t Be Ambushed

If you read the latest shaver specifications and sales information for any particular new model boasting, the latest must have gizmo or function, you will probably soon be convinced that you must have it, even though in the real world you may not even end up using it, but paying for it anyway.

The advice here is to buy a shaver that is proven to provide the features and performance that you need and not want the shaving company thinks you need.

Shaver Type

The best place to narrow your choices. Foil or rotary shaver? Each it would seem has interchangeable benefits, so the choice is a personal preference one.

Wet Or Dry

A factor that is becoming more and more demanded. Many more people now want a shaver that has the everyday convenience of a quick shave but the additional luxury of performing in the shower as well.


The vast majority of shavers are now rechargeable cordless types. If you want primarily for travel purposes, you may want to consider a battery mini travel shaver. At any rate, ensure that the charging time and shaving duration with a full charge is acceptable.

Replacement Parts

Not always a factor when buying a new shaver. But it will become one, a little later, down the road. Make sure that in 12 months, or so, when you need to change the shaving head that they are not only available (think big brands here), but also that replacement parts are sensibly priced.

Problematic Skin

One of the biggest negatives of some electric shavers is that although they do perform well, they give many people increased skin irritation. If you have an issue or very sensitive skin, there is a solution for you! A number of electric razors on the market had some great improvements lately. The shaving head has been developed and designed to prevent any shaving irritation, so this might be taken into consideration.

Other Factors

Everyday it would seem there is a new function that comes out. Some of the other useful features that you may also want to consider are LED displays, automatic cleaning systems, ergonomically designed grips, incorporated trimmers and supplied accessories.

Read Reviews

Once you have used the above process of elimination to narrow your selection of shavers down, read some online reviews. That will be helpful for your final selection.

These tips represent some of the main factors on how to choose an electric shaver. It will show you the best product suited to your needs and  provides its features and functions.

How To Clean An Electric Shaver?

The main parts of an electric shaver that need cleaning are:

Foil Screen

The foil screen is the foil mesh that is found on foil screen shavers. It is the part that makes contact with your skin.

The purpose of this screen is not to cut the hairs. It have to capture, separate and present individual hairs to the cutting blades beneath this foil screen. It makes sense! The more unblocked holes that are available in the foil screen, the quicker, the more consistent and the better the overall closeness of your shave will be.

The actual foil screen is very delicate and you should ideally blow it out on a daily basis before and after shaving and this is usually sufficient in most cases.

Periodically, you should remove it from its housing (if applicable). After that, wash it out with either running warm water or with a special foil screen cleaning solution.

You should never bend or damage the foil screen by brushing it or rubbing it with any object.

Periodically, with the shaver fully together, you should spray an appropriate electric shaver lubricating lotion onto the shaving head foil screen. Not only to lubricate it but also for the lubrication to pass underneath, preventing bare metal rubbing on the cutting mechanism parts and with the foil screen itself. This will also ensure that the moving parts work effortlessly and at full speed for the best shaving results.

Shaving Head Seals

Once you remove the actual shaving head from the shaving unit, you will notice that there is usually a rubber seal that surrounds the base. This prevents shaving debris from getting into the actual shaving motor, which will rapidly lead to more serious problems. You should periodically check that this seal is not cracked or broken in any way. If it is, simply buy a replacement, which is very cheap.

The mini cleaning brush is usually supplied with your electric shaver. You should periodically brush away from the surrounding seal any built up shaving residue.

Shaving residues found into the shaver’s motor, will affect the optimal speed or efficiency. So it will not provide the most effective result.

Cutting Unit

The whole cutting unit should be removed periodically and brushed out with the supplied mini cleaning brush.

If the cutting unit contains a buildup of shaving residue, it will fail to cut your hairs effectively. The motion and speed of the cutting unit may be constrained and slower, preventing the best shave for you.

Cutting Blades

As well as the whole unit, these individual blades also need to be cleaned at regular and more frequent intervals. Ideally will be to clean it each time after you shave. Again, it is simply a case of brushing the residue out with the supplied brush. You also can rinse them in an appropriate solution or water, if applicable, for your particular shaver model.

Keeping the blades themselves clean and residue free is the most effective way to ensure a faster, close shave. It will also provide a small amount of skin irritation, hair pulling or nicks and cuts.


If you could’t find yet the best solution to get rid of unwanted hair, electric shaver is the solution! Choosing this method you will discover that your body can be hairless for longer than you thought. The possibility of reducing the hair growth is not just a myth.

Us women are looking all our life for the best solution to have that feeling of a silk and smooth skin. Achieving that can build up our self-esteem. Out there are so many options but it depends from person to another. Not every woman will find the same method suitable for her.

When it comes to electric shavers for ladies you have a large diversity of brands to choose from. It is impossible to not find the perfect one for you from thousands of options!

Feel confident to say “Welcome” to a silk and smooth skin?

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