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What Is The Best Hair Straightener In 2021?

The Best Hair Straightener

What do you prefer when it comes to style your hair? What products do you find useful? Which is the newest trendy method when it comes to style your hair? I remember that I always had a problem with my hair. It was just stubborn, fluffy hair which would not accept to stay however I wanted it to. I never could enjoy that feeling of just getting out of shower, waiting for my hair to dry without any extra tools required to make it look decent. And I wouldn’t mind that, but finding the right tools is just a headache. So, let’s find out what the best hair straightener is!

Hair straighteners are the best solution when you want a nice hairstyle! So, below I want to share with you my favorite products. More than that, I will also provide helpful information. These hair straighteners are not just useful, but they do an excellent job.

My Absolute Favorite Hair Straighteners

As you probably noticed, there is a very large variety on the market, when it comes to hair straighteners. And this is the moment when the decision is all ours. But he still hesitates and asks:”Which one is the best one?”; “Which one suits my type of hair?”; “Which one has the greatest features?”. And right now you are in the right place. I will answer all these questions for you!

Below, I will attach a list with the best 10 Hair straighteners which never left me disappointed.

So, let’s check it out together, shall we?

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

“Absolutely Love It”

I need to admit that at the beginning I was a little bit skeptical about this product. Why? Because I wasn’t sure if the price would be reflected in the product quality. It is not a cheap product but for sure I don’t regret even for a second this investment. Why am I saying investment? Because I have had it for one year and a half and still work as is new. More than that I am using it occasionally to style my friends’ hair and all of them were very impressed by this product. After I let them try it once they didn’t need to think twice about purchasing one for self use.

What I really love about this straightener is that it doesn’t burn your hair. I used hair straighteners which caused a lot of damage to my hair. Apart from the awful feeling of a hair loss I had to pay extra money for special treatments to repair my hair. Now, after I discovered Dyson corrale hair straightener, this is no longer a problem in my life. It leaves the hair smooth, healthy and nice styled.

After long research, now I know that I don’t need to panic anymore when I run out of time on a night out! With Dyson corrale hair straightener I can style my hair in less than 10 minutes.
Dyson corrale hair straightener is for sure the best hair straightener I ever had!

GHD Platinum

GHD Platinum

“You should buy yours now!”

Until I discovered GHD Platinum I was testing other different hair straighteners but none of them met my expectations! This GHD Platinum was just another product I wanted to try on my way to find the best hair straightener which suits my needs. But, surprisingly this was the product I was looking for all this time.

After the first usage I just simply fell in love with this hair straightener. It helps me to style my hair exactly how I want. More than that I absolutely love that it doesn’t take ages to do it . It is really easy to use and provides the best results ever. I don’t think I could choose any better.

Before trying it I already was expecting it to take a long and to have potential damage for my hair. Also, I thought it will be just another product to cross on the list, which will make it shorter and bring me closer to finding the right hair straightener for me! I was very happy when I saw that, on the contrary GHD Platinum is the product I was looking for all this time!

GHD Platinum absolutely changed my life and I truly recommend it to you as well! It makes the job a lot easier and helps you get ready quicker when you need to be ready to go out! After my experience, all my friends bought it and I always use it as a gift whenever I can.

Babyliss Flat Iron

Babyliss Flat Iron

“Warning! Creates Addiction!”

I was looking for a hair straightener which I could use occasionally to style my hair whenever I had an event. Obviously, because I was going to use it occasionally I wasn’t willing to pay too much. So for the start automatically my area of searching got smaller as I was looking for something cheap. If you want something qualitative as well, of course you wouldn’t expect you can get that for a very low price.

When I decided to look for a hair straightener I was thinking of allocating a budget of $200. I thought at this amount of money I can find something qualitative which will protect my hair as well. After long research I decided to buy Babyliss Flat Iron and I wouldn’t do any different if I would have to choose again. It does such an amazing job! As I mentioned I was intended to use it occasionally, but believe me or not it made me addicted to it!

After I used it once I couldn’t imagine my life without this product! The incredible aspect it gives to my hair makes it a “MUST” on my priority list! I don’t like my natural hair now. I prefer it much better styled with Babyliss Flat Iron. It is a very fast and high quality hair straightener. If you are looking for a flat iron don’t hesitate to buy this one! You will be impressed with its quality and its features! It won’t disappoint you, I guarantee!

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener

“Wonderful product!”

When it comes to my hair I am such a fussy person! I will never try products I am not sure of, risking damage to my hair. Always I looked very well after it because I think it is such an important aspect for a good look. I have fine, long hair and most of the time I have issues in finding a way to style it. I was willing to invest in good devices which will give me the best results! Unfortunately I was disappointed by so many hair straighteners until I found Cloud 9 Hair Straightener! Even with the most expensive products I paid for I couldn’t get the result I wanted. I can say that accidentally I discovered Cloud 9 Hair Straightener and I couldn’t be happier for this “accident”. I just needed to replace my old hair straightener because it wasn’t working at all.

Cloud 9 Hair Straightener is the most amazing product I ever used! I like the function of temperature which you can choose! It’s awesome that it is very easy to use and the quality is at the highest standards. I am so happy with Cloud 9 Hair Straightener and I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a great experience. It is the best device to take care of your hair without having the fear of damaging it. I am sure it won’t leave you disappointed. It changed my life and I am sure it can do the same with yours!

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

“Great product”

Have you ever heard about Chi Flat Iron? No? Oh, let me explain to you what you missed, darling! I used to have so many problems with my hair. Always unhappy about its style and doesn’t matter how many professional products I would use, it just had a very fine dehydrate texture. In this aspect it was very difficult for me, most of the time, to have nice, good looking hair. I was trying so many devices which were supposed to “tame” my hair and make it look nice. Hair curlers weren’t good enough for me! It would stay curled for a very short period of time and then back to its shape.

What was really annoying for me? The fact that I always had to worry about how to style my hair whenever I had an important event. But since I discovered Chi Flat Iron this is no longer a problem for me! This flat iron is absolutely amazing! At an accessible price you will have a very impressive experience with this product! The adjustable digital temperature display helps you to prevent burning your hair! You can choose the temperature you want to use and be in full control during the process! It is an incredible product which gave me hope, when there was none anymore. I simply was about to give up and resign that all my life I will have this problem with “messy hair”. I truly recommend it!

Philips MoistureProtect Hair Straightener

Philips MoistureProtect Hair Straightener

“The best on the market”

For sure most of you heard about this well known brand Phillips! They have a very large variety of products rated at the highest standards. Today, I want to talk about MoistureProtect Hair Straightener! I started to use this hair straightener after my old one broke down. At the start I believed this is just a classic normal, basic hair straightener. I didn’t expect it to be so great for its price! But it was a great experience for me to discover that I just bought an amazing product which will take care of my hair.

MoistureProtect Hair Straightener has great features which make you fall in love instantly with this product! The greatest thing I absolutely love about this is that the MoistureProtect Hair Straightener protects the moisture balance of your hair!

Thanks to the special sensor it has, the device adapts the temperature to preserve natural hydration. It provides safe usage and incredible results! After I used it once I thought “I need to share this discoverer” with my friends, which I did. They tried mine first, and after that every single one of them bought her one for personal use!<[//p>

MoistureProtect Hair Straightener is an incredible result which shouldn’t be missed from any lady’s beauty tools! It makes your job so much easier when it comes to hair care! With its help, in just less than 10 minutes you will be able to be ready for a night out! Isn’t it fantastic?

Conair Infiniti Pro 2-In-1

Conair Infinitipro 2-In-1

“You MUST have yours”

How do you like to style your hair? If you like it straight, then you are on the right page! I want to introduce you to the InfinitiPro by Conair- 2-IN-1 stainless styler! It is the most amazing product I ever used and I would recommend it every single time when I have the opportunity. The reason why I am writing this review is that I want to inform all women about this incredible hair straightener.

We all are a bit conscious when it comes to our hair. It is true that it has a big impact on our looks. That’s why most of the time we are looking for products which can help us to style our hair nicely and give it a nice shape and texture! When it comes to that, I use InfinitiPro by Conair- 2-IN-1 stainless styler and I will never change it! I really love this device that you can straighten or curl hair with one tool! Whenever you want to try a new style you can opt for curly hair. When you want something classic you can opt for straightening.

I really love it! This InfinitiPro by Conair- 2-IN-1 stainless styler has a great feature which makes a huge difference between this device and the other existent on the market! The 5 LED heat settings for every hair type gives you the possibility to choose the right temperature which suits your type of hair! This is amazing!

L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod

L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod

“Great features”

What devices are you using to take care of your hair style? Allow me to tell you about L’Oréal professionnel steampod steam straightening tool 3.0 ! This is a very good hair straighter I recently used and I am very happy with the results! I was always looking for the best products to take care of my hair. I consider that this is an investment you can use for a long time! This is why I am willing to pay more for a good quality.

For sure L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod Steam Straightening Tool 3.0 met my expectations! I like how smooth and nice my hair feels after I am using it. And more than that I like how easy it is to style your hair with this device! The greatest feature of this product is the pro-keratin technology. With this function you can take good care of your hair!

Pro-keratin technology works to minimise the risk of heat damage. This way you can be at peace of mind that no damage will be done to your hair. You can use it safely and carefree.
I truly recommend you to try this L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod Steam Straightening Tool 3.0 and I promise you won’t regret it! It takes away so much of your worries whenever you are unsure about how to style your hair. Simple to use, great quality and accessible price! It has all you are expecting from a hair straighter.

Amika The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

Amika The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

“One of the bests”

Hello, girls! What is your secret when it comes to taking care of your hair style? Let me share mine with you! I have very stubborn hair which can’t easily be styled. And all the time I had this problem in finding the right device for me. I have thin and long hair and most of the time I am confronted with the lack of volume. Because, usually my hair doesn’t have any volume, most of the time it looks like I have a very small amount of hair. After I tried different products which were supposed to help I lost my hope. Until one day when I tried my friend’s Amika straightener. Since that day, I couldn’t keep myself away from this straightener. I purchased myself one in exactly the next day and I don’t regret any penny spent on it.

No doubt that I absolutely love this Amika straightener! Also, I purely adore the way it styles and leaves my hair, so nice and smooth! This Amika straightener is made with a negative ion projector, which streams millions of cuticle-sealing negative ions into hair with each pass, locking in the smooth and shiny- locking out the frizz. So beside the perfect look it gives to your hair, the Amika straightener is protecting your hair. It will look healthy even after you use the straightener.

If for any reason you don’t have this Amika straightener for self use yet, I truly recommend you to buy one! Don’t waste your time any longer with the wrong products!

Bio Ionic Graphene MX Styler

Bio Ionic Graphene MX Styler

“Better than any other straightener I’ve ever had”

Have you ever had problems with your hair? You were indecisive what hair straightener you should use? If you still are not sure, try out the Bio ionic flat iron! I was surprised at how powerful it is without breaking off all of my hair. I am able to leave the temperature substantially lower than I normally would, and still get sleek results. It straightens my hair but makes it so smooth. Easy to use, no accidentally hitting any buttons, plates do not snag my hair at all. It’s light, no need to clamp down super hard.

Rebound time is amazing; the temp is consistent regardless of how many passes I make. It feels extremely well made, sturdy, and not a part of it feels cheap. I was apprehensive about the indentation of where the light is on the plate- I was nervous it would crimp (it does not) but had faith that no one would be capable of making such a design flaw.

I don’t know if it’s the infrared light that is making my hair so sleek and protected, or the plates themselves, but I know that it’s the best I have owned in my 20 year battle with fighting my frizzy hair. I’ve never tried any other tools from Bio , but I’m really hoping that this one will last. Until then, I am super impressed.

How To Use Hair Straighteners?

Best Hair Straightener

The hair straighteners do not damage your hair, as long as we take into account some basic rules. First of all, do not straighten the hair while it is still wet. It must be dried beforehand and only then it can be styled.

After that, comb your hair and divide it into strands to make it easier to style. Always start with the parts below, so that, by the end, you reach the ones on the surface. Make sure that the plate will pass over the entire surface of the hair, from the root to the tips, but without stopping in one place for more than two seconds. This way, you will get the best results without damaging the hair.

In order to make the hair extension as delicate as possible and to protect the hair from the action of excessive heat, use plates that allow the heat to be regulated between 130-180 degrees Celsius, depending on your hair type: fine, normal or resistant.

Before using the hair straightener, apply a spray to the hair for thermal protection of the hair. No matter how efficient your hair straightener is (the most modern ones have a ceramic layer for hair protection), always use a product for protection, which you can also find commercially, but the easiest way you can buy it directly from the hair salons.

Also, you can use a normal comb, which you can pass through your hair, just before straightening it with the help of the hair straightener. This will untangle the hair and make it easier to style.

After Use

You need to keep the hair straightener clean at all times, otherwise the styling products used may remain on it, and eventually they will reach your hair, but at a much too high temperature, which will cause them to lose their properties and affect the hair. After use, the plate must be cleaned with a soft cloth, which will keep it in an ideal working condition.

Pros And Cons Of Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners can be found at most stores for around at different prices, but be aware of cheap knockoffs. Some of the technologies used with these irons are quite impressive to say the least. There are ceramic metal plates, steamed metal plates, and tourmaline crushed metal plates.

All 3 of these provide you excellent ways of straightening your hair. Most salons agree that ceramic metal plates with crushed tourmaline are the best available on the market today.
Chemical hair straightening or anything that will straighten your hair for any long period of time may cause damage to your beautiful hair. These chemicals actually strip the bonds and structures that keep your hair curly. Since there are some high risks involved with permanent hair straighteners many people opt for temporary straightened hair. Luckily, there are many different topical and electrical irons that can give you pin straight hair one day at a time.

What You Should Keep In Mind

When you decide to buy a hair straightener, you must inform yourself carefully, so as not to regret the purchase later. Even if you could say that you don’t have to put so much emphasis on technical or material specifications, I will present you some recommendations that you can take into account, which will help you enjoy healthy hair, no matter how often you use it.

After Care?

If you have already chosen your hair straightener and you are sure that it will meet all your requirements, it is time to choose a good spray for hair protection. It is necessary to use such a product, as high temperatures can dry your hair or damage it, depending on the interval in which you use a plate. Make sure you have clean hair, take each strand of hair separately, use a good protective spray and you can start straightening your hair, selecting the optimal temperature for your hair type.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Hair Straightener?

If until now you thought that all straighteners fit you, we suggest you think again! Depending on the thickness of your hair, you will need to use either a flat iron with larger blades, which will straighten your hair often faster and easier, or a flat iron hair with smaller blades, ideal for thinner and longer hair.

Be Careful Of The Temperature At Which You Use It

Best Hair Straighteners

A hair straightener will allow you to adjust the temperature as you wish. Once you experience more and more often the types of temperatures that exist, you will notice at what temperature your hair behaves best. It would be advisable not to use the highest temperature, because it will dry your hair faster. But if you have more curly hair, or a more rebellious hair, with thick hair, you may need a high temperature to have a they seem to be as well directed as possible, so good results.

Choose The Ideal Hair Plate Depending On The Material

The best hair straightener is also influenced by the quality of the material from which it is made. It is very important to use a good quality plate, which will not burn your hair over time, and which will be useful even for the most messy hair possible.

One of the most important features to keep in mind is related to materials that produce negative ions, which provide shine and reduce the wrinkling and drying of your hair.

The most used materials when it comes to high-performance hair plates are: titanium, tourmaline and ceramic. These are the best solutions in terms of quality and performance. Ceramic is used more widely, as it is used regardless of your hair type, while tourmaline and titanium are increasingly recommended for thicker, rougher hair.

Choose Only Quality Products

We know that you can be delighted by a very low price of a hair plate and that you will be tempted to buy it, but you have to be careful with everything a product knows what to do. A low price does not necessarily mean that the product is of poor quality. We recommend that you choose a flat iron hair that is convenient in price, made by companies recognized for their quality and for their performance in terms of any type of appliance.

Potential Hair Straightener Side Effects

Expert hair stylists explain that if not used sparingly and as directed, hair straighteners can have unwanted effects, including thinning and breaking hair. These negative effects have been exacerbated in recent years by the improper use of ceramic tiles. Decades ago, when plates were made of steel, it took about 20 minutes to reach a temperature suitable for straightening hair. The invention of ceramic tiles in the 90’s revolutionized the world of hairdressing. With such a device it takes less than a minute to reach a temperature of over 200 degrees.

Although it is very resistant, the hair suffers at temperatures exceeding 180 degrees C, destroying the cuticles that form the protective layer. Once this protective layer is destroyed, the hair breaks, starting from the tips, which split. Excessive use of the plate to straighten the hair, at too high a temperature and without using protective substances, negatively affects the hair, giving it a dry and frizzy appearance. To control this unpleasant appearance, women use the hair iron even more often, which leads to the creation of a vicious circle that can have extreme effects on hair adornment.

Frequently Asked Questions


How To Clean The Hair Straightener?

Always make sure the hair straightener is turned off and completely cooled before cleaning. Then use a slightly damp, clean cloth with warm water to rub the plates.

How To Choose The Hair Plate?

First of all, you have to take into account the type of hair you have and choose a product that allows straightening at the optimal temperature for it. We recommend that you choose a medium-sized hair straightener if you are new to it so that you can use it easily.

What Is Tourmaline Coating?

The most modern coating material which, when heated, emits negative ions, which helps to neutralize static electricity. Due to this property, the hair follicles close and retain moisture, so that the hair maintains its beauty.

What Is The Best Time For The Hair Straightener To Warm Up?

Of course, the sooner this happens, the better, because there are situations in which you have to arrange very quickly. Choose a high quality hair straightener with a heating time of 10 to 30 seconds.

How Can I Straighten My Hair For Salon-Like Results?

It is quite complicated and requires skill. Depending on the size of the hair, the type of hair straightener and the temperature applied, you will get better or less good results. You need a lot of practice and a quality board to succeed.

Can I Straighten My Hair Every Day?

It is not recommended to straighten your hair daily even with very good quality plates. The more often you straighten your hair, the drier it will become and the harder it will be to straighten and it will deteriorate.

Can I Use Hair Straightener On Wet Hair?

Avoid applying the flat iron hair on wet hair because you will get an effect similar to boiling. The hair should be perfectly dry before being straightened. There are manufacturers who mention that their products can be used on wet hair, in which case you can try, but we emphasize that the safest way to straighten your hair is by applying the hot plate at the optimum temperature on dry hair!


I have introduced in this article everything I consider that can be useful to you when you have decided to buy a hair straightener. The use of the hair straightener has become an increasingly common habit among women, but not everyone knows what to look for in a straightener and how it could improve their experience.

We have given you a list of the best hair straighteners on the market, then a short shopping guide. What to pay attention to when buying a hair straightener, what features and characteristics to look for in it and how to protect your hair from exposure to heat. We know that price is an important factor here, but the best professional hair straightener may not be right for your hair type, and now you know why.

Remember, always take a break from time to time from using the hair straightener. We know, it’s quite difficult, but the hair must also breathe, so as not to damage it, and then invest huge sums to treat it.

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