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What Is Best Laser Hair Removal Machine Of 2021?

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I still have those painful flashbacks from when I first used the traditional ways to get rid of unwanted hair. I cried when that zap hit my armpits’ most sensitive area – smack in the centre. Hit me like a super hot rubber band flick from a mile away! Back then, the technology wasn’t so advanced and we had to be content with what we got, nowadays thanks to the laser hair removal machine revolution we can remove unwanted hair faster and pain free.

So I’m more than happy to share with you the pros and cons of the laser hair removing concept! Below I will introduce you to the best products, how to use them at the fullest of their potential and the latest trends on the market. These IPL devices not only WORK – but they are pain-free and will make you say “Good bye!” to unwanted hair in a zippy.

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My Absolute Favorite Laser Hair Removal Machines

As you have noticed, the market has a large diversity when it comes to laser hair removal machines, but which one is the best, the fastest, the cheapest? Which offers the best long term results?

Luckily for you, I reviewed the top 10 IPL laser hair removal devices below which will help you find the one that is best fitted for your needs. None of these products left me disappointed and I’m pretty sure you guys and gals will feel the same way!

So, let’s just check them all out, shall we?

Philips IPL Lumea Prestige

Philips IPL Lumea Prestige

“An amazing laser hair removal machine!”

Honestly, I was a little skeptical of this product. I received it as a gift and despite that I couldn’t understand how a flash can help to remove the unwanted hair I decided to give it a try. Here’s my experience I will like to share with you:

I’ve used it only twice in a month, per the recommended every-other-week use.

For me, it has been absolutely pain-free on the highest setting, even in the bikini area (using the correct body attachment). It’s just a temporary sensation of warm/hot.

A week and a half after I’ve done the first session, my hair started falling out. Exfoliating in the shower sped up the process and is what made me realise that a significant amount of little hairs that were growing out came off on my washcloth.

Now (about a month later, getting ready for a third session), most of the hair is gone and has not returned or started growing out again.

The hair isn’t coming back (yet?), except for spots I missed. It came back a little patchy in spots. Hard to see what areas you’ve covered, or what areas you need to cover again (because I shave before doing it, so I can’t see what was missed before) and be precise. It takes a lot of tiny little movements and trying to make sure the little window overlaps and covers everything.

I have fair skin and dark hair, which is exactly the combo that makes this thing most effective. You might not have the same experience with lighter hair or darker skin.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

“A laser hair removal machine that actually works!”

After years of dealing with dark hair on my upper lip and recently more hair appearing on my chin I decided I’d had enough. I’ve tried the usual ways to get rid of this unwanted hair. In the last few years have just shaved every couple of days because I think it’s the quickest and easiest way. I recently discovered you can buy an IPL device to use at home – more convenient and it will work out much cheaper.

I decided to go for a Tria 4X as the majority of the reviews online were excellent. It arrived the day after I ordered with a charger and instruction booklet.

I started off on level 3 on my upper lip then went up to 4 and then 5 straightaway. Yes there is some heat and it does feel like a hot needle being stuck into your skin but the sensation lasts a second. I haven’t noticed any redness or soreness on my skin afterwards. I’ve used the Tria three times now and it really works! The hair on my face has reduced by 50% and most of what is still there is finer. The same has happened with the dark hairs on my armpits.

I’ve also used it on my bikini line, lower legs and underarms at level 5 and there is a reduction of hair there too. It’s going to take a while to get rid of all the hair. I can become the woman who can just go swimming instead of having to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom shaving everything before.

Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5

Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5

“Extremely impressed!”

I hesitated for a long time to buy an at-home laser hair removal. I had one years ago that I felt didn’t do much. But with Braun Silk-Expert this is not the case, this thing REALLY works. And I was so shocked to see the great results In a short period of using it.

In two months, I’ve only used it twice on my armpits and the results are already noticeable. For sure I have not been covering the whole area perfectly. Tthere are areas that grow back quickly and areas where it grows back slowly. Long time ago I used to shave them everyday. Now I can go days without even thinking about it- and that’s just after I used it twice!

I recently used professional laser hair removal on my face and after 5 months I didn’t see much improvement so being disappointed by that device I just gave up going. After I discovered Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 I am using this on my face as well. I can notice more results than the professional place.

I highly, highly recommend this product! Every woman should try it! Everyone deserves an easier life when it comes to unwanted hair!

As a reference: I have medium skin but dark undertones. I started on the lowest setting, my skin can handle the highest level though.My hair is dark black as well.

After I used this laser hair removal machine, my skin was lovely and silky smooth. I’m very very impressed. I recommend it wholeheartedly and without any doubt . It’s such a great investment!

Smoothskin Pure IPL

Smoothskin Pure IPL

“I love this laser hair removal machine!”

Putting all options in balance I decided to choose this model. It is faster, and because it’s not too big that makes it much easier to move it on the body. It takes approximately 30 minutes to use it on the whole body. I noticed that after a while of usage this device starts to get hot slower. You need to turn it off for a couple of minutes and let it cool off. Then you can carry on using it. I have no words to express my happiness! The fact that it was possible to do every inch of my legs was absolutely amazing though!

After only 3 sessions I could notice an incredible change. My hair texture became thinner and the amount of hair has been reduced by 60%.

As an advice I recommend you to buy a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. When you are using the device the flash it’s very bright and it can affect your eyes. This laser hair removal machine is very easy to use. It comes with all the instructions you need to know for using it correctly, safely and how to keep it clean. I can say that it’s the best method to get rid of unwanted hair after I tried so many other traditional methods and products, which apparently were just a waste of time.

SmoothSkin pure is a luxury item, as the price itself can say. For sure I wouldn’t think twice when it comes to this investment!

Sensica Sensilight Pro

Sensica Sensilight Pro

“What a fantastic laser hair removal machine!”

I am so impressed with this Sensica Sensilight Pro! It’s so easy to use and the results speak for themselves. As someone who’s always struggled with unwanted hair growth it truly is exactly what I’ve always been looking for! I would absolutely recommend this product – it’s fantastic.

I have fair skin but very dark and harsh hair all over my body. Growing up I tried waxing and used creams to remove unwanted hair, it was not only painful, but as I have a sensitive skin, I used to get rashes and irritation using them. Not to mention lots of ingrown hair.

After using sensica pro, I noticed that it’s reducing the hair growth slowly and gradually in each and every use. Not only is it not painful as you can adjust the level but also I am not getting any ingrown hair and the best part is I feel my hair and skin extremely smooth just after first use. I have used it 3 times so far in the last 6 weeks and I can already see the results. Thank you for designing something that produces these results at home! It’s so portable too – I can take it with me when I’m away – never thought permanent hair removal could be this easy.

I would recommend this product to everyone who has sensitive skin like me. I already convinced all my friends to buy it because I think everyone should have an easy life thanks to this lase hair removal machine!

Ulike Diamond Air+

Ulike Diamond Air+

“I love it!”

I’ve had the laser hair removal machine for a couple weeks by now and I have noticed my underarm hair is slower to grow back. I have noticed less of a difference on my bikini line but it is still too soon to see the full effects. The device doesn’t really hurt at all unless the hair is too long (this is why I recommend shaving the area one day before using Unlike Diamond Air+), it can burn a bit if the hair is too long, but the sensation last just for a second and you will not be in pain for long time as I experienced with another devices.

Overall I’m so happy with the IPL device and I can’t wait to keep using it. I’m only on week 4 and already I can see amazing results. I have used it 3 times a week, more than they recommend. I normally shave every morning sometimes twice a day for smooth skin but I haven’t shaved for 3 days and I barely have any hair. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take me long to do my whole body. I can’t believe it really works. I was a bit apprehensive about buying it because it’s quite expensive, but with all the money I have spent on waxings / epilating / nair / shaving it made sense to bite the bullet and try lasering.

So far I’m really happy and judging by my underarm hair I think it’s going to be very successful. My friends are now making a purchase after my recommandation! Everyone should have at home such an amazing device which can produce miracles!

MiSMON Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine

MiSMON Permanent Hair Removal

“A great investment!”

The laser hair removal works very well. It is very convenient and It saves me a ton of money from going to a spa! So glad that I discovered such a great product!

After a month of use I notice a reduced rate of hair growth. I use it for my legs and notice visible differences. It’s easy to use, put it against your skin and move it around the surface of your skin.

There’s a light that indicates when it is safe to use on the skin.The light is a skin sensor which automatically adjusts to the areas of the skin where I want to use the laser. It is also not big and easy to take with me on holidays.

The laser has high light energy and has the potential to permanently remove hair. At the first use, I wasn’t used to the feeling but after a couple of uses, it doesn’t irritate the skin. I would apply cream and my skin feels smooth and soft. Overall, this laser is worth its price, for sure the greatest investment of my life!

At first I was skeptical, and finally fell in love with it. At first I tried a small part of my arm.You need to stick to it and use it for a while you will see that it is valid and not painful. This product really changed my life! Now the summertime days are so much wonderful when you don’t have to worry about shaving daily!

Remington iLIGHT Pro

Remington iLIGHT Pro

“Fast and efficient laser hair removal machine”

My hair it’s thick and it grows super fast. I couldn’t dream of wearing a bikini 3 days in a row. That would be a stressful situation for me as the hair was growing back even thicker, leaving my skin bumpy and making shaving a difficult process.

I heard about professional lasers but I never was confident enough to try it. I considered buying a personal laser to use it at home but I just thought it wouldn’t work for me and will be a pointless investment.

Now, I regret so much that I didn’t pull that trigger a few years ago.

After I read a few reviews about laser products I decided to buy this one. Once it arrived I decided to use it first on the bikini area. My skin is sensitive so I used it at level 3 in the first week and then moved it to level 5. I wasn’t expecting any visible result earlier than 5-7 sessions. I was so shocked to see a massive difference after session 2, which was a week ago.

I’m getting ready for session 3 right now and I can notice that all that thick hair has gone away, now it grows so much thinner. I can’t believe that it’s really my body when I see so many fully clear patches.. With this device you can feel just a little sensation of warmth and you can use your time wisely. Bikini area takes 3 minutes, armpits 2 minutes.You should buy it, I assure you this will be the best investment you ever made.

Feeke IPL Hair Removal

Feeke IPL Hair Removal

“The best investment ever!”

After a long time hesitating I finally decided to buy it! I just received my parcel and after I tested the device I can say it works perfect and I like that it’s so silent compared with other devices I used before. As an advice for you guys I would say to not use it on the areas where you have tattoos! It’s very easy to use this device! It comes with a book of instructions which can be helpful during the process. You need to put the device at 90 degrees angle on your skin and press the button going along the all area you want to get rid of hair. The ‘snap’ noise in addition to the clicking of the button means it’s getting the hairs. All I love about this product it’s that I can easily use it at home.

After I used this ipl device for a few weeks (one month and a half) I realised that my hair has reduced a lot on my legs. I still have some areas where I can see a couple strands but it’s definitely getting better. If you want to get rid of extra stress trying to find the best method to remove your unwanted hair I really recommend you to buy this device! Before I had this hair removal machine, the shaving process was so painful and I felt like it’s a waste of time when I realised that the hair grows back so quickly. I am so lucky since I discovered this method. Now I can get rid of unwanted hair without any pain and time wasted.

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device

“My favourite laser hair removal machine”

Reading about IPL devices you can use at home, I finally decided that BoSidin it’s what I need. I can admit that at the beginning I was skeptical and found it hard to believe that an at home hair removal device would help me to achieve my goal: to get rid of unwanted hair. But what can I say? I was wrong! After just 2 sessions I have gotten impressive results.

The tone of my skin it’s light with thick black hair so for faster results I decided to use a BoSidin device on level 5 for my legs. For both legs, this whole process using this device takes me around 20 minutes. This procedure it’s painless and has helped me to save so much time.

It comes with a book of instructions in the box which gives you guidance about how to use the device correctly during the process.

On the top of the handle you will find a dial to turn on the device and choose the level of intensity you want to use. Another button positioned on the 2/3 up on topside of the handle will help you to choose the area to laser. The lasering starts to work instantly when the touch sensitive laser symbol is on but if you want to use it manually, you will just leave the laser touch symbol off and simply use the trigger. My BoSidin IPL device definitely does not disappoint. Me and I will highly recommend it to all my friends. Everybody should have this chance to use such a great product!

How To Use The Laser Hair Removal Machines?

How To Use The Laser Hair Removal Machines

It all begins with your hair follicles. The principle is similar to the electrolysis method where your goal it’s to kill the root of your hair follicles. So instead of inserting that needle into the hair follicle, the laser equipment is used to help you to get rid of unwanted hair. What the laser does is to use heat to burn the ends of the root of the hair which will kill the hair and hence resulting in the hair dropping out eventually. The laser has a smart guiding system which will make use of the darker color of the hair to “navigate” into the root. Hence people who have skin color similar to the hair may not be suitable to use laser hair removal method.

First Things First

The first thing to do is to read the book of instructions which comes in the box with the divide. It will help you to understand better how to use it correctly, safely and how to keep it clean.

Laser hair removal may be a trendy method these days, but it’s still something you want done at a professional level!

Once you have read the instructions provided you are ready to be your own expert. You can put all those informations in practice. During this session you will be one step closer to get rid of the unwanted hair. Also, the instructions manual will help you to find out more.  How many sessions it will take? What the procedure will be like? And it will provide the answers to any questions you may have.

IPL Devices Functions

The device has a function which tests spots of hair to see how you react to the treatment and which intensity suits you. There are a certain range of powers which are recommended by the manufacturer of the laser equipment to use for effective “killing” of the hair. However if your hair growth cycle of a hair happens to be at the low, the laser might not hit its target and that hair follicle may grow back again.

Hence there are a few things that you should keep in mind before going for your first home laser hair removal treatment. The most important of these is not to have this type of permanent hair removal undertaken while you have a suntan or sunburn. Laser treatment works by destroying the hair using heat. Although the skin is usually cooled during the treatment, having a suntan/sunburn could create an adverse reaction to the laser hair removal session.

Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

One of the advantages of laser hair removal is that it is a simple and easy process and can therefore be performed by users at home. Lasers are also much more effective and safe than most of the other permanent hair removal techniques. Another major advantage of laser hair removal is that it is less painful than other techniques and the little pain can be avoided by using a cooling substance.

One of the demerits of laser is that the process targets the active hair follicle and therefore, you will require several sessions to cause permanent hair loss.

What You Should Keep In Mind?

There are other factors that you should keep in mind before your treatment day. If your skin tone is dark, you may need a bleaching treatment to the hair removal area before you have the laser hair removal treatment. This will have to be stopped approximately two weeks before the unwanted hair is removed. This is something you need to discuss with the technician at your evaluation session.

Plucking should stop two weeks before the laser hair removal takes place. This type of treatment works best if there is hair so you know where the hairline is and how big the area is.

Finally you may need between three and six treatments to be sure that all hair is permanently removed.

After Care

After you finish your session with the lase hair removal machine, you can safely apply any kinds of deodorant, creams, lotions, moisturizer, perfumes,or any other cosmetics on the treated areas. If after session you will notice any changes on your skin, as such as irritations, or redness, then we recommend you to wait until it disappears before you can apply any product on your skin. If you experience bad skin irritation and you applied any other products I recommend you to wash it off using water in abundance.

Side note: even though you are following all the instructions provided in the book you may still experience some skin reactions. If this happens, please stop using the hair removal device and as soon as possible try to get in contact with the consumer care center from your country.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Laser Hair Removal Machine?

What You Should Know Before Buying A Laser Hair Removal Machine

Getting Rid Of Body Hair

As in many other issues, excessive hair also depends from person to person. For one person it may be overgrowth, but for another it may not be so. Regardless of age, some people feel removal of this excessive hair is important.

A widely accepted method is laser hair removal. Health-care professionals have designed laser hair removal technology, which has become crucial in the field of cosmetic dermatology. It is also a safe and revolutionary treatment.

The main focus in the course of development of this technology is reducing the side effects and increasing safety.

Hair of any color and skin of any type can be treated by this method. But dark hair and light skin gives the best results and it is easiest to treat.

To remove unwanted body hair, laser hair removal method is now considered as a safe and effective method. Significant results may be produced when performed by an experienced professional. Since this is a non-invasive procedure it does not damage or disrupt the outer layer of the skin. It proves very effective in treating larger areas of skin.

Skincare professionals and researches are encouraged by the support extended by the large number of people choosing laser treatment. They have revolutionized the treatment, formulating it into trouble free and more result oriented for people of all skin types.

Home Hair Removal Procedures

There are lots of hair removal procedures and one of them is an IPL laser device. For most of us it becomes a difficult job to remove unnecessary hair every day. You might be fed up maintaining shape or tired of dropping in a salon for waxing.

This waxing may be because you pain while removing hair. This is time to consider laser hair removal. These hair removing processes have been used for years and make people follow it on a regular basis. Normally one has to undergo this treatment on a regular basis with an eight month gap. Lots of people tend to avoid going for laser hair removal to a salon because sometimes this can involve a huge cost.

The home laser elimination unit is found to be very effective in this case. It is very simple and easy to use. After a few treatments you will be surprised to know that excess hair will go away permanently.

The use of this laser hair removal machine will help you remove all unwanted hair at your house and at your convenience. Modern technology has improvised on such devices making them safe for individual use and not causing any harm to the body. These devices are also made simple to use and fast without much hassle.

The amount of time and money saved due to this type of personal home use device makes it worth a purchase. Otherwise one would spend a huge amount of time and money waxing, shaving, removing hair using conventional practices.

Potential Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Potential Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Skin irritation and redness is the most common side effect of laser hair removal. This side effect usually goes away shortly after the treatment session is finished. Such side effects are more nuisance than dangerous, causing discomfort and moderate pain.

Skin discoloration is the discoloring of the pigment that makes up the skin tone. This is usually due to the laser targeting the skin rather than the hair follicle. This side effect can be readily treated with the use of bleaching agents and other forms of remedies. Hyperpigmentation (the darkening of skin tone) and Hypo-pigmentation (the lightning of skin tone) is often temporary, permanent skin discoloration is less commonly documented.

Laser hair removal is for the most part a safe technique. The possible side effects mentioned are very rare. Their chances of occurring are all but eliminated if your consultation with the doctor determines that you are suitable for treatment and a trained technician conducts the procedure.

The side-effects can be further minimized by having proper knowledge of the procedure and selecting a good laser hair clinic and a well reputed physician who takes care of clients after treatment difficulties and uses lasers within recommended laser parameters for effective laser hair removal.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

The answer really does depend on the type of hair and skin you have. On average you should start to notice results after the first three treatments. However, it can take between six to nine laser hair removal treatments before the full benefits are noticed.

Ideally you should wait two to four weeks in between treatments for the best results and to protect your skin from becoming too sensitive. Some people report that moisturising the skin prior to treatment helps to reduce the laser sensation.

Laser Hair Removal For Light Hair

For people with light hair, regrowth can be prevented for up to a year. Regular laser hair removal may be required for the follicles that lay dormant to prevent patch re-growth.

Laser Hair Removal For Dark Hair

People with darker hair generally achieve better results. If you have dark hair then you can keep hair at bay for up to two years but annual hair removal treatments may be required to prevent any further growth.

Over Usage Of Laser Hair Removal Machines

It’s important not to treat skin too regularly, as laser hair removal increases the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. It can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn. Therefore, most manufacturers recommend that you undergo laser hair removal treatments in the winter months to minimise the exposure to the sun and allow you skin time to rejuvenate.

Benefits Of Home Laser Hair Removal

Home laser hair removal machines provide you with a low cost method of getting hair free skin.

Convenient To Use

You will no longer need to take time off work to make a clinic appointment. No need to continually shave or wax, just walk up with beautiful hair free skin! Wear exactly what you like for the day without the embarrassment of stubble.

After the first treatment, you’ll soon realize that the days of shaving or waxing are a thing of the past. The painful rashes are no longer worth putting up with for silky smooth skin.

Laser hair removal leaves skin looking a feeling smoother and softer than ever before, as there are no side effects from the treatment.

Gone are the days of rashes and redness, once your razors and wax are in the bin. You’ll soon realise that laser hair removal is better for your skin and there is no more stubble looming below the skin. No more irritation and razor burn – just smooth, gorgeous, hair-free skin.

Permanent Results

Only laser hair removal can genuinely provide permanent hair free results. During the home laser treatment, the emitted light genteelly stops hair follicles from producing new hair. That gives you long lasting results.

If you want a lifetime of silky smooth skin and don’t want to pay thousands to get it – home laser hair removal is the answer for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Home Laser Hair Removal A Safe Bet?

After having been subject to intensive experimentation and testing for well over a decade, laser hair removal machines pose very little danger and no long-term health consequences. During the usage I discovered some side effects, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be used safely at home. Its side effects namely redness, blemishes and mild itching outweigh its long-term benefits. Probably, this is why the Food and Drug Administration has approved this laser hair removal machine for home use. These are mild side effects and the cause can probably be provoked by the intensity of the flash.

Be default, you can use the laser hair removal machine anywhere you have unsightly hair on your body. The device has attached a special ends designer to each area where you can use the device on. However, it will be safer if you use it on any part of the body except the face and the neck. Moreover, follow the instructions before, while and after using a laser device as exactly as specified by the manufacturer to gain the desired results effectively and safely. I consider that home laser hair removal is a safe bet!

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

We can’t promise permanent removal of 100% of the hair in a treated area. But in most cases, we can achieve an 80-90% reduction in hair growth after a full course of treatment. The initial treatment can result in a 50-75% reduction compared to the traditional methods, which are about 40%. Laser hair removal devices have been approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. I can’t guarantee permanent removal hair.  But I can promise you the results will be remarcable and you will notice a huge difference straight away after you use our devices.

Are There Any Special Precautions Or Instructions?

  • No sunbathing or tanning for 6 weeks prior to treatment. Newly tanned skin is more likely to burn when treated with laser. Remember, that hair removal machines have a laser which comes in contact with your skin.
  • No waxing or plucking for 4 weeks prior to treatment. There must be a follicle to treat.
  • Don’t shave for 3-5 days prior to the treatment.
  • No accutane use for 3 months prior to treatment.
  • No treatment while on medication that predisposes you to sun damage. You should not be taking a prescription with sun exposure warnings.

If you have had a chemical or Laser facial treatment, consult your physician to make sure sufficient time has elapsed since your previous procedure.

Does It Hurt?

One of the most popular questions asked about lasers is – does hair laser removal hurt? Due to its efficiency and precision, laser has very little pain especially when compared to other processes such as electrolysis. In fact, a study that was carried out in Turkey to compare the two processes concluded that Laser was at least 60 times less painful than electrolysis. The treatments are so relatively painless that no anesthetic is routinely needed. There may be a particularly sensitive area or areas that require more comfort. This it’s why you can set up the device on what intensity it’s the best for you. Generally there is minimal discomfort.

Once you are positioning the IPL device on your skin, by pressing the button to flash you will feel a little pain, similar to a small pinch which lasts just a second. It is a warm sensation, which makes your skin feel a little discomfort. This is something normal which indicates the fact that the device works as it should. After all reviews received, we haven’t got any feedback about serious injuries or any unusual kind of pain. This makes us think our product is safe to be used.

Can Anyone Use Laser Hair Removal Machines?

Traditionally laser hair removal works best on people with light skin and dark hair. This sentence is based on my own experience! I also included some feed-backs  from my friends which used the device after I recommend it to them. In the past it wasn’t recommended for people with dark skin and light hair. These days, new lasers have made it possible for anybody to take advantage of laser hair removal.

You will need to go through the manual of instructions to make sure that laser treatments are right for you before starting any laser hair removal sessions.

Is Laser Hair Removal At Home Safe During Pregnancy?

The truth is that nobody really knows. Laser hair removal has only been available since the late 1990’s. There has been insufficient time to undertake scientific research into the effects of laser hair removal either on the mother or the unborn baby. Don’t take chances with your baby’s health!

Most professional practitioners will not treat women who are pregnant. Those that do require the mother to sign a release note. Our advice is not to take the chance. Even if you already have a home laser which you have been using, stop your treatments until after the birth of your child. Continue Treatment after your baby is born.

Stopping treatment is in no way going to alter the effectiveness of the treatments you have already had. The safety of your child is more important than removing unwanted hair which can wait until later.

On Which Parts Of The Body Can I Use Laser Hair Removal?

Home lasers can be used to reduce unwanted hair from most parts of the body including:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Bikini Line
  • Underarms

Some can also be used on the face but before using on the face check carefully with the manufacturers instruction booklet on what cautions to take.

Some of our more powerful lasers however have not been approved for use on the face and therefore if you wish to use the home laser for the removal of facial hair make certain that you choose the right product.

As with all of our products make sure that you read the product description carefully before you buy.

What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Home Laser System?

All home lasers use some form of pulsed diode laser although some more recent products combine pulsed light with an acoustic effect which is cooler on the skin. So what should you look out for in a home use laser for hair removal?

How Many Hairs Does It Treat At A Time?

This varies from laser to laser some will treat only 1 hair at a time whilst others treat multiple hairs. Obviously the more hair that it treats the quicker the treatments.

Battery Or Mains Power?

Some home laser units work off a battery. The advantage of these is that they are far more portable and easier to manoeuvre. If you prefer the portability of the battery operated laser you need to know the length of time the battery will last at each of the levels available on the unit.


The price of home lasers for removal of unwanted hair varies dramatically from the single hair lasers at below $100 to the most sophisticated lasers which can cost up to $800. As with most things you pay for what you get with, the faster results coming from the more expensive machines. Before you buy, read all the available material on each home laser and choose the unit that suits your needs best.

Who Should Use The Laser Hair Removal Machine?

Unfortunately, everyone cannot use these devices. It is the main disadvantage of laser hair removal solution. The main requirement for use of laser devices is having fair to average dark colored hair as well as medium to light skin tone. It means you are eligible for using it if you have dark brown or black hair. It will not work if you have blonde, gray, light brown or red hair, or darker colored skin.

Neither light-colored hair nor dark skin is suitable for such laser machines. The former simply doesn’t absorb the laser energy while the latter, though absorbs, is highly prone to burning itself due to the reaction by pigments in the skin.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Usually three to eight weeks is recommended in between sessions depending upon the procedure being done. The several phases of hair growth make it important to use more than one session to successfully permanently remove hair. In most cases, eighty percent of hair can be permanently removed and the twenty remaining percent is so light and fine that it is almost unnoticeable.

But when addressing the issue of: is laser hair removal safe, consumers must take into consideration individuality displayed with any treatment. Whereas someone won’t display any side effects at all, it is possible that some may experience minor itching, and swelling at the treatment site.

But studies have shown that these effects usually are gone within three days of treatment. Numbing cream is normally used prior to treatment due to the possibility of some pain being felt during treatment. Serious side effects with laser treatment do however exist. These can be hypo or hyper pigmentation or burning of the skin, which would just call for an adjustment to the laser setting.

But these are rare. In other rare cases some can present with the side effect of: skin discoloration, flare up of acne, swelling around the hair follicle and infection.


A good at home laser hair removal machine is definitely something I can encourage you to invest in. If you had enough to try all traditional methods and none of them worked. I never felt comfortable with the idea of having a hairy body. By starting to use the laser hair removal machine at home I succeed to combate this fear. I knew this was a great investment since I could notice massive results. Also, having a silky smooth skin all the time build up my confidence and I left behind me that period of terror when I had to worry about shaving daily.

Whatever your reasons are to look for at home laser hair removal I can assure you that choosing one of the ones listed above is going to satisfy your needs and not regret your investment. So, ready to say “hello” to a nice, smooth skin every day?

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