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Brori Electric Razor For Women Review

Brori Electric Razor For Women Review

I know that it is very unpleasant to have a hairy body. Also it is very hard to find the right device which can help you to get rid of unwanted hair. In fact, you can find as many as you want on the market but it is very very hard to find one with a very good quality. I tried so many electric shavers until I found the right one for me. Most of them were cutting my skin or left me with red marks and rushes. But I don’t regret trying them, otherwise I wouldn’t find this amazing electric shave for women which completely changed my life. Read this Brori electric razor for women review and find out how this product helped me to get rid of unwanted hair and have a smooth skin.

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What Is The Brori Electric Razor For Women?

I was really scared of using a machine on my skin because my skin is really sensitive, I have super thick hair, and this was my first ever machine shaver. I have very thick hair. Even with regular shavers, I wouldn’t get a very close shave and honestly I’d nick myself so much around my knees and always end up with razor burns on and behind my knees. Same story goes for my underarms.

But this Brori electric razor for women is the best razor ever! I just did both my legs and underarms and experimented with wet and dry. Personally I like doing it dry because it is easier. As for legs, it worked really well, I hadn’t shaved my upper legs for about a year and a half now and it was literally a forest but the machine had no trouble with it. It did leave some tiny hairs like maybe 2 or 3 at most. But they’re really not noticeable and I don’t mind. As for my underarms, it wasn’t as close but also I think I was just scared because my armpits are sensitive. Still, get the job done in case I have to go somewhere wearing a short sleeve and I don’t want someone thinking I have a bush underneath.

Comfortable Shave

Brori electric razor for women provides a very close shave, comfortable with a little shaving gel, and doesn’t get too warm for an electric razor. I like that it’s fully waterproof and rechargeable, and the tilting head makes it easier to get into curved sectors of the body. Charges up quickly, great results on a single pass, but I recommend taking one pass with the grain and one pass against the grain. Fairly small overall blade size means it’s good for tight quarters.

I really love this Brori electric razor for women. It is the first form of “hair removal” that doesn’t leave me with irritation bumps/ingrowns. I used to spend hundreds of dollars getting professional waxing done, and it always resulted in bumps (no matter how much topical exfoliation products/moisturizer I used). This is the perfect alternative for those more “delicate” areas.

Easy, Fast And Safe

To conclude, it’s easy, fast, safe, and overall gets the job done! I would 100% recommend buying this Brori electric razor for women, don’t look for any other options because I don’t think they can compare. Not to mention, I really love everything it comes with and the shape of the razor and also the light it has. Currently thinking about buying one for my sister because it’s just so useful, easy to use, and safe.

Brori Electric Razor For Women Features

This is my first time purchasing this specific electric razor. I never used one before, but this does wonders especially if you have thick hair like myself. It comes with 3 specific blades as seen on the pictures of this product, the straight, curve and floating foil. Although, after using it for a week or two you might want to clean it out with the mini white brush and then when done from cleaning the hairs out you may add some few drops of a lubricating oil for the blades where you can find different kinds online, which are amazing as well. This will help you to keep your Brori electric razor for women in good conditions and you can enjoy it longer if you look after it really well.

Straightforward Instructions

The instructions were straightforward, nothing too complicated. The packaging was good and everything was organized! However, the Brori electric razor for women is a life changer. I would always be buying a pack of blades for my gillette one and it’s a waste of money compared to this electric one which can of course last you for years! I’m very happy with my purchase, no regrets of this and hopefully in the future I buy another one if this one will let me down.

Try it out, it might help you out with your hairy body, if you get cut easily with other regular razors. It helped me from getting the smoothest skin and does shave perfectly at each spot I want it. Plus, it has a little light that focuses the direction where you want to shave which is great in case you’re missing a certain spot. The color of this razor is a nice green and shines which makes it look stunning.

I’m very hairy, so shaving can take me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to shave! This is why I wanted something fast and effective. With a Brori electric razor for women I shaved my private area and both legs in less than 15 minutes. This has a very close shave if you use it properly.


The best part is even after you are all ready if you end up noticing a hair here or there you can use this one pain-free as well no residual redness after use. No bumps, no post-shaving pustules, anything.

Overall I am happy with Brori electric razor for women and I look forward to many more years with this one. Cannot comment on its longevity, only time can tell but if you are looking for a shaver that gives you a smooth touch, the Brori electric razor for women is the one.


How To Use The Brori Electric Razor For Women

Honestly, I am delighted with my purchase. I use Brori electric razor for women on all areas on my body and it does a excellent job. Also, I find that I have gotten a very close and smooth shave. Brori electric razor for women comes with a charging base that’s very easy to use. The light on the charger does not go off when it is fully charged, so you need to unplug it after 8 hours or so. To clean it requires two steps. The first one requests to remove the blades and the other parts from the shaver. The second one is based on cleaning all the component parts by using a brush.

This Brori electric razor for women comes with a nice carrying pouch so you can take it on trips or store it while it is not in use.

I tried using the tips I saw in the instructions and had to learn how to hold the razor (think of holding it like a regular razor) and it went much better from there. It works for when I want to shave quickly without jumping in the shower. A regular razor is a closer shave and a quicker shave in my opinion, but Brori electric razor for women is nice for saving money and for quick dry shaves when needed.

Great For Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin and usually end up with bumps and knicks with many razors I tried until now. I don’t get that with Brori electric razor for women when I use it correctly, following the instructions.

The last time I used an electric razor was probably the worst experience I had shaving. It was before I decided to buy this Brori electric razor for women. So getting this one was awesome! As someone who hasn’t used one in years, this electric razor is easy to use and the instructions are super helpful. I like that I can keep my hair a little longer (like stubble) or I can go really close to my skin without any discomfort. I didn’t experience that pinching that some cheaper razors do, so it was just a nice and simple experience. If you’re looking for a better razor, or your first, definitely give this one a shot.

As I already mentioned, Brori electric razor for women it’s easy to use. Connect it to a power source, attach the comb, press the start button and start shaving. For more information you can consult the instruction manual and follow it.

I am very pleased with performance and value. I definitely recommend you buy a Brori electric razor for women!

Personal Opinion On The Brori Electric Razor For Women

The best one I’ve ever had! In time, I have tried many different types of electric razors. Also,  I like to use them often because I have super thick hair and it grows back so fast like in hours. I gave this Brori electric razor for women a shot and I was so impressed it actually shaved closer than I was hoping for. All I wanted was just a trim and I got fully shaved, the actual trimmers on the top and bottom get so close it’s insane, you hardly even need the floating foil in the middle. But when you use that too it’s as close as shaving with a razor. Also what’s cool about this one is the way it is shaped. Actually feels like a razor so it’s easy to use, you feel like you are just shaving.

Gentle On My Intimate Areas

This Brori electric razor for women is great! I’m honestly not a big fan of taking the time to shave my legs and needed a more convenient solution to keep up with the task. This was one of the purchases I made for myself on Black Friday and I’m so glad I did! First thing I did when I got it was draw up a bath, turn on some tunes and put my new razor to the test. My legs were very hairy and this thing did such a great job giving me a clean shave.

In the past, I’ve disliked using electric razors on my bikini or armpit area because it almost feels like it’s pulling my hair out. The Brori electric razor for women was gentle on my intimate areas, and didn’t irritate my skin whatsoever. Really happy I got this! I would recommend this to anyone in the market for an electric razor for sure you will not be disappointed!


  • Great price
  • Very good quality
  • 3-in-1 High Speed Shaving Head
  • Hypo-Allergenic 3D Floating Foil
  • LED Light for Blind Spots Illumination
  • Wet and Dry Use
  • Fast & Convenient Charging


  • The parts are quite hard to take it off for cleaning it, but it is not


First I want to say this is such a feminine razor! It fits perfectly in your hand plus it has a handy dandy light under the razor part to help guide you! This Brori electric razor for women makes it easy not just for your legs but your private zone and underarms. Brori electric razor for women is very easy to clean, and very durable too! This razor will save you lots of money on the disposable razors! Just a reminder though, don’t go over the same spot too many times because you can get raw. But that goes without saying, all razors are like that. I am very pleased with my purchase, you can’t go wrong. For those which want to experience a nice and unstressful shaving I truly recommend you to try Brori electric razor for women.

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