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GHD Platinum + Review

GHD Platinum + Review

We have over 100,000 hair follicles on our heads! So, it is worth finding out some secrets about how to take better care of your hair. The importance we give to hair derives from the care we have for ourselves, the desire to look as pleasant as possible. Beautiful hair can make the difference between a sloppy outfit and an arranged one, and it can say a lot about us. That is why it is important to find out as many tricks and tips as possible to help us keep it healthy, bright and full of life. Is very important the products you use to style it. In fact, it has a big impact on its health and looks. If you want to find out my secret, read this GHD platinum + review. Once you’ll have all the information you will be able to make a change in your life!

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What Is The GHD Platinum +?

Launched in 2001, GHD has been one of the most well-known hairstyle and hair salon and homemade brands since then. I used his pens to straighten my hair as much as I could remember. Last week I took out my trusted GHD Gold and classic styles to try the new Platinum +. Please, let me tell you and it is no wonder that they are among the best hair straighteners now.

The unique attraction of these styles is the smart technology inside, with an array of sensors hidden under the plates to constantly measure the temperature – 250 times per second – is smart in a different way from Glamoriser Blue Smart Straightener, which is activated via Bluetooth and comes with an application.

Ultra-zone Technology

Platinum + “ultra-zone” predictive technique cleverly adapts to your styling technique, adjusting the power to ensure an optimal temperature at all times for healthier hair and faster and better results. This is best in a unique style, suitable for all hair types.

According to GHD, this ultra-zone technology promotes 70% breakage and doubling color protection, so applying intense heat in search of style must mean sacrificing hair health. (It’s still a good idea to pair it with a protective spray, of course).

GHD Platinum + is a highly recommended purchase if you are looking for a professional removal plate so that your hair looks flawless. Ghd’s signature professional hairstyle is probably the most recognized brand in the world. Its success over the years is a letter of intent, and its products combine design, use and, of course, excellent hairstyles.

Extreme heat and healthy hair appear in the same sentence, so if you have to rely on heat for styling, it is better because the device will not do any harm to your hair. In addition, it is always a bonus if we can prepare to leave faster.

Platinum + brings you the look you want in an extremely short space of time and. Depending on your hair type, you can find a single stroke is all that is needed for smoother, softer, brighter results and in my case, fairer.

The plates heat up in just 20 seconds and to put this in real terms, Platinum + called to say that it is ready before I can connect the hair dryer.

Automatic Sleep Mode

In common with all GHD, there is an automatic sleep mode that starts after 30 minutes, which you will appreciate if you have ever rushed to the door to work and spent the whole day worried that you will return to the burnt shell of your former home. Platinum + also comes with a soft rubber plate guard that slides over the end of the barrel for safer warm storage.

GHD Platinum + Features

Hairstyle + hair burning? GHD contradicts this myth because it does not need extreme and harmful temperatures for the hair to get the perfect hairstyle. GHD platinum + contains tri-zone technology, which ensures a constant and safe temperature for the hair throughout the styling. This means that the hair is styled at the optimum temperature of 185⁰C, the ideal temperature that prevents hair damage by breaking by 50%.

GHD Platinum + = One Look?

Not with GHD Platinum +, which offers, in addition to straightening the hair, the signature look, and the possibility to create in an ingenious way curls, curls and waves. Would you say that straight hair must be flat hair? Wrong! You can give volume to your straight hairstyle when using GHD Platinum +! We teach you how to proceed: position the style’s plates perpendicular to the scalp. Thus, the hairstyle receives volume at the root, and on the lengths you create the texture and movement.

Moreover, the superior plate clamping system of the GHD Platinum + hair straightener ensures a perfect alignment, the two plates being balanced and taut. Thus, the hair is positioned in the most correct way possible, without the risk of falling or slipping. Naturally, the heat coats the hair and not the pressure with which the hair could be held between the two plates.

Thanks to Ultra-zone technology, magnificent results are obtained which, unlike other brands, last throughout the day. Infinite sensors are able to maintain the unalterable temperature throughout the hairstyle, providing more shine and resistance to the hair.

Two Infinite Sensors

Unlike GHD Gold, this Platinum + flat iron uses two infinite sensors with predictive technology that adapts its power to the hair.

To achieve this, GHD Platinum + styler monitors the iron temperature up to 250 times per second, so that it is always 185 degrees. This means that your hair will look up to 20% more shiny and up to 70% stronger.

As usual in the brand’s products, this straightener offers excellent control over style, with efficient movement without jerks or effort. This is due to the perfect alignment of the plates, the result of a patented design by the professional hairdressing brand.

Speed ​​of use is also worth mentioning, as you can start combing your hair in just 20 seconds. This is the time required for the iron to reach a constant temperature of 185 degrees.

In addition, to have the peace of mind of being able to use it anywhere, it has a heat-resistant plate protector with universal voltage.

For added safety, this hair straightener automatically shuts off after 30 minutes without use.

As much as GHD warranty, is the best hair straightening brand on the market.


How To Use The GHD Platinum +?

For many of us, the hair plate is an essential tool for styling. Fortunately, it is a versatile tool, with which we can get more styles of our hair, not just straight hair. In this post, I will provide all the information you need to use the GHD Platinum + safely, in the comfort of your own home.

The shape of the hair is given by the follicles at the base of the head, and they depend on our genetic inheritance. Most of the time, women end up wanting what they don’t have naturally: their straight hair to be full of curls or their curly hair to be straight.

Find out the secret to bulky curls!

What Products Do You Need When Using GHD Platinum + Hair Straightener?

Before you begin, brush your hair carefully. Spray a thermal protection product before using any heat-based hair styling tool, such as a hair straightener, hair dryer, or hair curler.
Here is a short list of products you will need to get this look:

    • Spray for thermal protection
    • A large hair clip
    • GHD Platinum + hair straightener
    • Hair spray

Follow This Steps For A Simple Process

Step 1: Section the hair

Section your hair and hold the top with a clip.

Step 2: Catch and slide

Take a smaller section of hair (about the width of the straightener) and hold it lightly. Then, once roll the hair around the GHD Platinum + hair straightener and slide it slowly with the plate along the strand.

Step 3: Slide, do not shoot

Repeat this step for each strand. Make sure your hair is brushed well so that the plate slides easily without pulling your hair.

Step 4: Loosen the loops

Gently undo the curls with your fingers. This step will help you get full volume hair.

Step 5: Apply hairspray

Give the hairstyle a fix by applying a generous amount of hairspray to make sure your curls stay just as sensual throughout the day.

When using the GHD Platinum + hair straightener, you don’t have to take the strands at random to straighten them. The plate will not be able to straighten too large portions of hair. If you do this, you will only be wasting your time.

It is recommended to separate your hair into portions that can be easily straightened, neither too thick nor too thin. You can divide your hair according to the path or simply starting from the crest, with the front and the back.

Personal Opinion On The GHD Platinum +

When it comes to beauty, there are few efforts that women do not make to look flawless. Hair is one of a woman’s most precious treasures: long, shiny and straight.

It is also known that the perfect straight hair can only be obtained at the salon. If you want to have such hair at home, you must use a professional hair straightener. I personally use GHD Platinum + and I get the best results ever, sometimes better than in the salon.

What Do I Really Love About This Product?

That ultrazone predictive technology is not something you can see working behind the scenes. But the difference is immediately noticeable in the mirror, even smoothing from the root to the top and without split heads.

I have very fine hair, which breaks easily, and over-styling my hair can cause volatile stings and visible splits. But with Platinum + a single shot left me with a visibly smoother and brighter style – and these results lasted much longer.

In use, I really liked the design and the thickness of the Platinum + hinge over GHD Gold. It feels firmer in my hand, and the tightly aligned plates made me less inclined to want to tighten them too tightly. The result was an easier styling action with zero grip.

Although I tend to go for curling rather than straight hair, the rounded barrel should simplify the latter. However, it is thicker than the classic stylus, so it may not be the preferred option if you want very tight curls.

GHD Platinum + – Pros

  • High level of quality
  • Great features
  • Latest technology generation implemented

GHD Platinum + – Cons

  • As is usually the case with most brand purchases, its price is high and not suitable for all budgets


The hair straightener is one of those personal care accessories that can often be found in ladies, as it is a reliable weapon in the fight against unwanted curls, rebellious hair that is not easily persuaded to stand properly or with hair that swells after each drying.

Modern hair straighteners have become almost standard and have similar shapes, but there are quite a few small details that make the difference between a weak and a good product. In the information above, we have attached all the details you need to pay attention to to find the ideal product.

By far, my experience with GHD Platinum + was the greatest one! It is the best product I ever had! I will truly recommend it to all my friends, not just for the incredible features it has, but also for the incredible results it offers. I absolutely love it!

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Hello everyone! My name is Roxy and I’m just a simple girl passionate about the huge world of beauty. Nowadays it’s hard to be a woman and keep up with all innovations when it comes to beauty!

Our duty is to be warriors and not to look for the problems, but to find solutions! Contemporary, we have this vast technology on our side which comes in our help with the latest innovative methods. It makes our life easy. It gives us a large variety of products to choose from when it comes to skin, hair and nails care.