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ILansley Waxing Kit Review

ILansley Waxing Kit Review

Have you ever had problems when it comes to removing unwanted hair? Have you tried random methods and products and none worked? All of this are rhetorical questions. Of course you did! Every woman has faced this problem at least once in her life. Read on my ILansley Waxing Kit review and find out how to avoid these issues.

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Well, I am here to introduce to you a new revolutionary method which can change your life definitively. Have you heard about waxing? If not, bare with me and read this ILansley waxing kit review to find more about this great method. Reading this review you’ll discover there’s a simple way to get rid of unwanted hair.

It’s finally come the time when you can say “Farewell” to those days when you struggled to get a smooth and nice skin which didn’t last long because that wasn’t the right method for you!

What Is ILansley Waxing Kit?

Every woman needs that peace of mind when it comes to removing unwanted hair from her body. Some of us are spending a lot of time searching for the best method which suits us. There are a lot of efforts, time and money invested until we discover the right one for us, the one which helps us to achieve our goal. Which one is your goal? My goal was to have a smooth, hairless skin effect which can last longer than 2 weeks. As you probably noticed, yes, I used past tense “my goal was”, because I succeeded to obtain that result. Bear in mind your goal and along this review I will help you to achieve yours.

No More Worries

Now, that we identified your goal is time for the next question. What are you willing to do to achieve it? I was willing to invest my time, money, energy and hopes that one day I will find the right method for me. Now, when I look back I can see all that effort was worth it. Today, I can wear a dress, or go to the beach and put my bikini on without having to worry about shaving first! And this is thanks to ILansley waxing kit.

Since this wax warmer entered in my life it changed it completely. No more complexity about a hairy body. No more worries about checking the amount of hair on my legs before putting a dress on.

90 Days Refund Policy

ILansley waxing kit is a wonderful product for beginners or professionals waxers If you are a starter, this kit will provide all you need for an easy waxing in the comfort of your own home. You can use an ILansley waxing kit for all skin types. What I really like about the seller policies of this kit is that if you are not happy with this kit they will give you a refund. You have 90 days to decide if you like this device and it suits your needs.

No More Wasted Time

The ILansley waxing kit will make your goal achievable. You can be your own esthetician making your wish come true and at the same time save time and money. There’s no need to waste time with the wrong process trying to get that silk and smooth skin! ILansley waxing kit is here to give you that long desired hairless body. This electric wax warmer will optimize your time with its fabulous ability to heat up the wax very quickly. No more messing around waiting for ages until you can spread the wax on your body. In less than 20 minutes this device will bring the wax to the perfect temperature when it can be used.

Still not convinced that this is a miraculous device? Not sure if it is the right one for you? Let’s check together its features which will let go even the smallest doubt you still have in your mind.

ILansley Waxing Kit Features

Sometimes we are getting fed up and tired of trying all different methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. It can be frustrating when we realize that all we want it’s a hairless body, but seems impossible to achieve it. What makes it impossible? Have you stopped for a second and think about it? I did! And after all these years of repeating this question I got my answer. It was so obvious, right in front of me that I didn’t even notice it until now. It is pretty simple: I used the wrong products! Realizing that, I said that is time for a change in my life. No more wasted money, time and especially energy! It became really frustrating for me when I saw that I’m putting all efforts in and still can’t achieve a great result.

So, after a little research I decide to buy an ILansley waxing machine for its great reviews and features. More than that, it was the perfect kit which included everything I needed for the waxing process at home. After the first session using this kit I was convinced that I’ve made the right choice! I couldn’t choose any better. Its price and high standards of quality makes this kit to be the winner. Apart from that, this ILansley waxing kit has great features. Let’s check them out together. Shall we?

Be Your Own Esthetician

This kit will provide you all you need for the waxing process in your own cozy home. You can obtain the same great results as if you would go to a professional esthetician. Obviously, you will get the same result a lot cheaper than you would pay for a session in a salon.

This Is A Great Option For Hair Removal

ILansley waxing kit will help you get that smooth, hairless skin. The device will help you to get the perfect wax temperature and consistency. The high quality of wax included in this kit will pull all your hair from its roots. Is the perfect combination which can guarantee the result of a silk and smooth skin. Also the result will last up to two weeks.

A Kit With Everything You Need

We know that being a beginner in waxing can be hard. On the way you might have some questions like: Which wax is the best? What else do I need apart from the wax warmer and the wax? Well, this kit will make your job easier. This includes everything you need for a safe professional waxing with great results.

This kit includes:

  • An electronic wax machine with a capacity of 500 cc
  • Two latex gloves for the protection of your hands during the whole process
  • Three bags of wax. They made sure this is the best wax , made at high standards to give you the best result
  • Two bottles of oil. Both of them are extracted from tea trees. One of it it’s for pre-waxing. This will prepare your skin for the waxing process. The other one is for after waxing. It calms down the skin reducing redness and removes the wax residues
  • Five wax warmer rings which will help you in the cleaning process


How To Use The ILansley Waxing Kit

My dream is to help every single woman to not tolerate pain, to not waste time and money and to get that sensation of a nice and smooth skin when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. So many years I’ve been chasing around to find the best method for me. And I finally did after I put a lot of efforts in. I want to share with you my experience, so I can save you from extra stress. We all became dreamers wishing for a nice, smooth, hairless skin. Well, allow me to tell you a secret! This is not a dream anymore! Thanks to the wax warmers we can get that smooth and silky skin for real.

When I decided to order an ILansley Waxing Kit I must admit that I was a little worried. I wasn’t sure if this method would fit me. I didn’t know if it’s the right wax warmer for me. But now, after I used it three times I can say I love it and I will never let it go. This is my little secret behind my all the time hairless and silky skin. This is an efficient device, very helpful when it comes to waxing! It comes with a full set of instructions so even novices can experience the highest standard of a wax treatment.

Easy To Use

Sometimes the technology can help us, but also put us in difficulty. I don’t doubt it that at least once in your life you had a device, kind of a trouble maker, hard to use. It happened to me many times and it was just stressful and a waste of time. When you use the ILansley Waxing Kit you don’t need to worry about it. I hope its features convince you that it’s the best option for you, so now I will talk about how to use it.

In the parcel, beside all the others items you will find a manual with instructions which will guide you through the process. That is really helpful and can help you to avoid any harm or problems during the process. So once your parcel arrives it’s quite easy to test it! First of all, you need to choose the wax you want to use. Pour it into the wax warmer! Plug in the wax warmer. By rotating the knob you can adjust the temperature you want the device to bring your wax at. Once you did this, give it some time to bring the wax to the optimal temperature and get ready to start the process.

Moisture the area you want to epilate by using the oil pre-waxing. Put the gloves on and by using the spatulas start to spread the wax on your body, against the growth hair. Press it constantly. Give it a couple of seconds to cool down and then pull it. This is a very simple process with the right tools.

Personal Opinion On The ILansley Waxing Kit

The kit was super simple and straightforward. I unboxed, poured in a bag of the green wax beads, turned onto the highest setting, and the wax was melted after about 20 mins. When I tried turning to a lower temperature the light and warmer turned off. I saw this in other reviews and thought it was a product defect, but then realized the pot has a temperature control so it turns itself off/on to regulate the temp.

I’ve never waxed myself before but I’ve gotten dozens of Brazilians so I know the basic technique. I used the oil provided about 20-30 mins before I waxed and I felt barely any discomfort at all. Way less than when I’ve had someone else do it. Not sure if it’s due to the oil I used (probably), the wax, or because I did smaller strips at a time… maybe a combination of all.

The wax itself is absolutely amazing – for sure you will notice the difference between this and any other hard wax. I will say that I have very thick, coarse hair, and this pulled it out by the root. The hair only broke off in one small spot but I’m pretty certain this was to a bad pull on my part. One bag of wax beads was enough to do one full Brazilian wax and have some leftover in the pot.

All in all I’m very satisfied with this purchase. I would recommend it!

ILansley Waxing Kit Review – Pros

  • The device heats the was in less than 20 minutes
  • Full equipment with all you need for waxing process
  • Amazing price
  • Superior device and wax quality

ILansley Waxing Kit Review – Cons

  • I would like the pot to be a little bit bigger, to fit the wax for 2 sessions

ILansley Waxing Kit Review – Conclusion

If you had enough of a suborn hairy body, then It’s the perfect moment to do something! After you read my ILansley Waxing Kit Review I hope there’s no doubt in your mind that this is the best solution. It worked perfectly for me and I am sure it will for you! We all ladies deserve to spend a careless life when it comes to unwanted hair. We deserve to enjoy longer that feeling of smooth skin. So is this your goal? Did my review about ILansley Waxing Kit convince you?

I’m not sure if my words were good enough to convince you! But I can guarantee fantastic results after you use this kit. Is not just easier, painless and quicker! It is also the kit which can help you to achieve something amazing: up to 2 weeks of hairless skin. Plus that, it helps reduce hair growth. So, are you in?

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Our duty is to be warriors and not to look for the problems, but to find solutions! Contemporary, we have this vast technology on our side which comes in our help with the latest innovative methods. It makes our life easy. It gives us a large variety of products to choose from when it comes to skin, hair and nails care.