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Lescolton T011C 2 In 1 Review

Lescolton T011C 2 In 1 Review

For me, body hair has always been a stress and a chore. Depilate here, shave here and there (especially in emergency situations), make sure that no hairs appear on your face, who knows where, watch out for grown hairs under the skin, use creams to inhibit hair growth after epilation, going as far as to think of outfits “according to” – hand up brunettes who have never been thinking about epilation, in summer, when wearing skirts or dresses! Well, it is time to say “Stop” to all of that. Read this Lescolton T011C 2 in 1 review and you will find out how to epilate more efficiently, simply and not so often!

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What Is Lescolton T011C 2 in 1?

I’m tired. I’m tired of how much time I lose in beauty salons. This work of Sisyphus, forever and ever, until old age, once every few weeks I will have to grit my teeth in pain for a few days of silky smooth skin. And after a few days take it from the beginning, because the effect won’t last long enough.

As an initiative, in the spring I decided it was time for something permanent – or at least sustainable. I decided to opt for permanent hair removal using Lescolton T011C 2 in 1.

The Best Decision

Any beauty treatment that includes the word “laser” can seem intimidating or dangerous. Using Lescolton T011C 2 in 1 in the case of epilation it is a simple, non-invasive and painless procedure. The light beam released by the laser is taken up and absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, causing the destruction of its root (bulb). Once destroyed, the hair does not regenerate.

In addition, I will disassemble one of the most common clichés related to laser hair removal. The treatment does not destroy the hair itself (does not burn it, does not melt it, does not spray it).

Lescolton T011C 2 in 1 attacks melanin, the pigment contained in the hair. The laser used is a beam of invisible light that passes through the skin without damaging or burning, and its target is the pigment that colors the hair. For this reason, active, dark-colored hair will be easily destroyed, unlike weakly pigmented or non pigmented (white) hair.

Suitable For Most Skin & Hair Types

Theoretically, a certain type of laser is better suited to each type of epidermis (or each hair color). Lescolton T011C 2 in1 is suitable for most skin & hair types.

The Lescolton T011C 2in1 also works for very white epidermis and light-colored hair. It is fast and works effectively on treating larger areas of the body.

People with darker pigmentation can use the Lescolton T011C 2in1 device and obtain the most remarkable results. It is also very suitable for permanent hair removal of already very tanned skin, but it is not at all effective for people with fine or light hair.

People whose pigmentation is medium will have the best results in using the Lescolton T011C 2in1. Lescolton T011C 2in1 is the latest generation laser with great features and affordable price.

If you are one of the people who are struggling to get rid of unwanted hair, Lescolton T011C 2in1 is the solution. Using Lescolton T011C 2in1 you will obtain the best results which will last longer.

Lescolton T011C 2in1 Features

Definitive epilation is the best solution to get rid of unwanted hair and especially irritation, after waxing. I’m hairy, yes. In fact, I was. Every hair removal session done with Lescolton T011C 2in1 was a real great experience. In summer I used to do it even weekly just because I loved to use it. I had very thick hair. And after epilation using traditional methods I had irritated skin, which I didn’t like at all. That was the moment when I decided that it was time for a change in my life.

Why did I choose Lescolton T011C 2in1? Firstly because it has an accessible price and great features.

Amazing Experience

Lescolton T011C 2in1 stops hair growth by closing the blood vessels that nourish the hair root. It ensures effective hair removal even in people with darker skin.

The Lescolton T011C 2in1 is equipped with a painless way of working, which makes epilation easy for anyone to bear. The coolest thing is that you can do it yourself, at home.
The strong action of the laser completely destroys the hair and closes its root, without the possibility of regeneration.

Using Lescolton T011C 2in1 you can obtain visible results in 4-8 weeks. The hair will stop growing at 90% after 8 weeks of use. This IPL device is clinically proven, painless and permanently removes your hair.

The Lescolton T011C 2in1 has an LCD display that shows the remaining power level and flash times.


  1. Applicable: working voltage of 100 – 240V, suitable for all countries of the world.
  2. Permanent: IPL works inside the pores, destroys the hair papilla, thus achieving permanent hair removal.
  3. Long service life: Quartz lamp for hair removal with a longer service life and long-lasting use
  4. Five optimal energy levels adjustable according to skin tolerance. Offering an easy treatment without affecting the skin.
  5. Fast and large treatment area: the spot size of 3.9 cm is not too big or too small for any body curve. High efficiency and fast speed that takes only a few minutes to remove the hair that overlaps, which is difficult for the traditional method of hair removal.
  6. Safe: It has no influence on normal sweating and sebum secretion.
  7. Convenient: portable design and easy to carry everywhere.
  8. Skin detection capability: The green LED lights up when the unit is ready for operation.
  9. LCD display: The LCD display shows the power level and the remaining time.
  10. Two modes of operation: manual and automatic.

Lescolton T011C 2 In 1 Review – Tips:

Use twice a week at the beginning. When the hair stops or only thick hair grows, use it at least once a month for maintenance. The frequency of use may differ depending on the individual situation. Change the operating time according to the actual density of the hair.

The operating interval varies depending on the different individual genes.


How To Use Lescolton T011C 2in1L?

Each body is different, and the number of sessions required will vary from person to person. Laser hair removal works when the hair is in the active growth phase – but as the hairs on our body are in different phases (anagen – growth, catagen – involution, telogen – rest), each session will manage to annihilate only the hairs that are growing.

In other words, the final laser hair removal treatment is a process: the results are not seen overnight or even after a single session, and ideally each treatment should be customized according to the type of hair and the treated area. For example, thicker strands in the armpit and bikini area may disappear completely after 4-5 sessions, while thinner and thinner strands (such as those on the arms or upper lip) will need a few extra sessions.

Friendly Usage

Gone are the days when epilation meant pain. To avoid any unpleasant experience during the procedure, you will set the intensity of the device correctly, from the very beginning, depending on your degree of endurance. Moles or tattoos are vulnerable spots on your skin, so you will need to cover them with a dermatograph pencil or patches to avoid the risk of burns.

Follow The Steps

Lescolton T011C 2in1 is very easy to use. Following the next steps you will obtain the most incredible results.

  1. The skin should be epilated, preferably exfoliated. Before starting the treatment with IPL it is necessary that the hair is freshly shaved to avoid any discomfort and especially the smell of burnt hair. I epilate the night before and everything is all good. Also, the exfoliation prevents the hairs from growing under the skin, and thus I manage to get rid of those extremely unwanted hairs.
    Space also matters. Before I start the default IPL hair removal process, I need to find a comfortable place near an outlet because the Lescolton T011C 2in1 device needs continuous power to work. I recommend it on the couch, and if you have a mirror nearby even better. Light is also an important factor, you need to see as well as possible what you are doing to operate the device. I always chose the first part of the day, so natural light was very helpful.
  2. Plug the Lescolton T011C 2in1 in the appliance to turn it on.
  3. Move the device closer to the skin so that its head through which the light is emitted is completely perpendicular to the skin, after which the intensity indicator will illuminate the level from 1 to 10.
  4. Press the button and the device releases the pulse. Repeat this step until you manage to complete the area you want epilated. The device allows fast treatments, I manage to epilate on both legs, from the knees down, in about 15 minutes, and on the arms in less than 10 minutes.

After Usage

Once you have finished using the Lescolton T011C 2in1, you can apply moisturizing emulsions on the skin, to prevent any sensitivities or irritations. Resist the temptation to pull out the remaining strands, so as not to hinder your next hair removal experience. However, you will be surprised to find that many of them will fall apart. Very hot showers or very tight clothes are other stimuli due to which you could accuse small irritations of the freshly epilated skin, so it would be best to avoid them in the first 48 hours after the end of the procedure.

Personal Opinion On The Lescolton T011C 2in1

Considering that I started to use Lescolton T011C 2in1 in June, in the first phase of treatment I used it weekly. I interspersed periods in which I had to take a break of 4 days before and after the procedure. All of this because I also wanted to go to the beach to get some tan on. So if the first phase of treatment normally lasts 3 months, well, for me it lasted a little longer and I managed to do the 12 hair removal sessions in almost 4 months.

After session 7 I saw a significant result in terms of hair growth. From session 4 I noticed the visible results , when the hairs that grew were thinner. After that, I continued the number of weekly sessions, and as I progressed, I saw my hair grow thinner and I actually had portions where my hair stopped growing. I adhered to all 12 recommended sessions for the results to be efficient and long-lasting. From now on I will use the Lescolton T011C 2in1 just to repeat the maintenance procedure periodically.

Fast Process

With Lescolton T011C 2in1, the duration of a session was between 40 minutes and 1h.
The small difficulties I encountered were related to the fact that in some areas, such as the knees or the foot, it was difficult for me to handle the device. It has a fairly large flash window, and in these areas it was harder to find the point where the window was perpendicular so that I could fire the flash. But it does not mean that it was impossible to use Lescolton T011C 2in1 in those areas. I managed, but it was a little harder at the beginning, due to my lack of experience. I truly recommend you to buy Lescolton T011C 2in1 if you want to say “Goodbye” to unwanted hair.

Lescolton T011C 2 In 1 Review – Pros

  • High quality
  • Great results
  • Long term effect
  • Amazing price

Lescolton T011C 2 In 1 Review – Cons

  • The battery lasts for a full body treatment

Lescolton T011C 2 In 1 Review – Conclusion

Definitive epilation is a cosmetic treatment that more and more people use. It is preferable due to its advantages, compared to classic depilation: lasting results, money saved, more time for other activities and more freedom of movement.

The epilation process with IPL (intense pulsed light) is based on a system through which light is filtered and guided by a sapphire or a quartz to the root of the hair, to destroy it. The light is scattered, uses a wide range of wavelengths and is polychromatic. This means that there are a variety of phototypes that can be treated. There are different working parameters for each phototype, so that the final epilation gives results and does not involve pain or discomfort. Using Lescolton T011C 2in1 the epilation process will become something pleasant and addictive.

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