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Magnitone GoBare Review

Magnitone GoBare Review

We all want a smooth skin and dream about it our entire life. Also, most of us are willing to try everything until we will get the result we want! But unfortunately this requests time and money invested until we will find the right method and product for ourselves. If you want to find out more information about the device which changed my life read this Magnitone GoBare review!

I am sure that the information provided here will help you to find the best electric razor for women! We all deserve a chance to enjoy a nice smooth and silky skin! I am enjoying this thanks to Magnitone GoBare! Since this electric razor came into my life it is so much easier when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair!

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What Is Magnitone GoBare?

I was very wary of buying an electric shaver thinking it would probably be a waste of money. My legs get so sore after shaving, waxing or epilating with hair regrowth and I was getting to that point I didn’t know what to do.

I took a chance with this shaver expecting it to be like one I had years ago; leaving me bristled and like a cactus but at least able to wear a skirt or shorts – as long as no-one gets too close I should be okay.

I was pleasantly surprised! This shaver is as good as shaving! My legs are smooth albeit the odd little spiky hair. It’s super quick too. I had none of the pinching problems mentioned and I’m a big girl with wobbly bits (size 22.) I used it under my armpits, yes it was a slightly awkward shape to navigate but it didn’t hurt at all.

Cool Design

I shaved my legs, arms, and lady garden! 20 mins and the shaver was still running strong.

I did a lot of research before buying and relied heavily on reviews (as you have to).

I like the look, the color, the handle ability and the fact it is cordless and will shave wet and dry. All great features. Plus you can take it with you on travel – oh, and I’ll add it’s easy to clean too, the head pops off and clicks back on without too much trouble at all and there is a small brush supplied to clean out those pesky hairs. However, the downside is the volume of noise it makes and it’s an unpleasant noise at that.

A Bit Noisy

For a modern piece of kit I don’t get why it’s so loud and grating, you have to switch it off to speak to anyone in the same room, but it’s something normal about shavers in general. They all are a little bit noisy. Shave wise (which let’s face it is the most important bit), it does a pretty smooth job on legs but with a lot of rubbing up and down with hard pressure and even trimmed my lady garden (done very cautiously with the comb attachment in place), however it did an absolutely excellent job.

My hair is average, not too thick or coarse and I’m not a gorilla by any means. So overall a mixed bag. It’s a good price so maybe that’s why some compromises and it arrived fairly quickly. I totally recommend Magnitone GoBare . It was my helper in the battle with my hairy body!

Magnitone GoBare surprised me. I’m glad I took a chance on it!

Magnitone GoBare Features

Magnitone GoBare looks very nice and is rechargeable so great for popping in your bag/purse if you’re staying out or going to the beach.

Such a cute product. I love the shell design and it fits so nicely in my palm. I have used this many times and really would recommend it. For the price you can’t go wrong. It is really handy for when I go on weekends/weeks away, as it comes with a handy pouch to put the shaver in. It also has a safety catch and a lock to make sure it doesn’t start working when inside your bag. I am so pleased that I purchased this as I was spending a fortune on replacement razor blades and now I don’t have to! It’s great that it’s 2 in 1 (shave and trim).

It’s perfect for travelling as it comes with a carry case which is really handy so you can pack it in your bag/suitcase without anything getting caught/damaged etc. It also comes with a convenient cleaning brush which is really easy to use and keeps the shaver clean and hygienic.

The Size

The color is really pretty (I went with pink) and I really like the shell-like shape and pattern. It’s a great size as it is compact and sits nicely in the palm of your hand, again makes it convenient when on your travels as it doesn’t take up unnecessary room.

The best thing about this shaver is probably the fact you can use it on wet or dry skin and that it’s completely shower proof. I have really sensitive skin so I always use it in the shower but it’s great to know if I’m in a rush and can use it quickly before running out the door!
It’s super easy to use, literally one button to turn it on and the same button to turn it off. There’s also a lock mode for when it’s not in use.

SkinSoft Technology

Detachable shaving & trimming head designed for the smoothest shave & easy cleaning.

2 in 1 Trimming and Shaving

Use wet or dry – for use on legs, underarms and bikini line.

Travel Friendly

This Magnitone GoBare it’s perfect for travel. Small and compact this will fit in your hand bag to be used anytime you need.

Overall I have no complaints.


How To Use The Magnitone GoBare

Magnitone GoBare it’s for sure the best intimate shaver on the market – easily beats branded high-end shavers for a fraction of the cost.

Although this product is titled “Lady Shaver” it is universal and can be used by both sexes (if men don’t mind the pick color).

This shaver is light, easy to hold, quiet and does a superb job for removing unwanted hair in all those delicate areas. It has a great feature of a light which is useful when trying to remove hair on parts of the body that is hard to reach, providing enough light to easily get the job done.

Easy To Use

The removal of hair is faultless – Just a simple upward or downward glide of the shaver is all that is required. The shaver comes with a great-looking holder to place the shaver in when it’s not in use and this can be connected to a cable that is USB based making it very universal. Note, the shaver itself also has a 2-pin connector so that you can charge the shaver independently of the holder.

When using any shaver on delicate/intimate areas of the body – one sometimes gets concerned whether they will get ‘shaver nipped’ – with this shaver that is not a worry or concern, the way the shaver heads are made makes this shaver glide seamlessly so that it makes contact only with the hair that requires removing.

Wet Or Dry

The shaver can also be used in wet mode and is fully insulated against water damage although we have found that this one preference is to use this shaver in dry mode, sprinkling a little talcum powder first on the skin to provide an ultimate shaving experience.

Outstanding Customer Service

Lastly – I had my shaver for 3 months and noticed that it wasn’t charging properly (this could have been a simple fault with the USB cable rather than the shaver itself). I contacted the seller who immediately without hesitation, dispatched a brand new shaver without requesting for the old shaver to be returned. I received the new shaver within 24 hours – simply outstanding customer service. So no worries from this point of view.

If you are not happy with your product or something happens to it, it can easily be replaced for free.

It’s also very easy to use. You just have to connect it to a power source, start it by pressing the button and rub in on your body surface to get rid of unwanted hair.

Universal Shaver

If you are after a universal shaver, that is quiet, easy to charge – can be used by both sexes, is safe and does a brilliant job at removing intimate hair and more importantly you can buy with confidence knowing that if anything is wrong with the product you will get an automatic replacement – look no further, this Magnitone GoBare is the product for you.

Personal Opinion On The Magnitone GoBare

I have tried quite a few electric shavers over the years and none of them ever seem to manage a close shave. I can’t understand this as men’s whiskers are clearly thicker than women’s leg hair and their shavers manage a close shave and smooth skin.

This Magnitone GoBare one has finally done the job! I’d been dubious as I’d not heard of the brand but saw it in a magazine, read some Amazon reviews and decided to give it a punt. So glad I did. I’ve tried it on dry legs pre shower and it does an amazing job – good enough to throw a pair of shorts on and makes my skin so so smooth. So I tried after a shower and I now have smooth legs, no razor burns, no nicks out of my ankles and no chunks missing from my knees! I am very happy – good price and great product. The Magnitone GoBare looks very good ( and comes with a cable which you can plug directly into the shaver or into a charger then stand the shaver on – whatever space allows).

Great Electric Shaver

Very nice electric shaver. It gets through most hairs fairly well, and is capable of achieving a near-bare shave if you go over an area a few times. I used the shaver everywhere to completely try it out, and it took 20 minutes at most, including exfoliation time. My legs, underarms, upper lip and lower stomach are now as bare as is attainable with a shaver. It’s very close to the results from a blade.


  • Very good price
  • Excellent quality
  • Simple to use
  • SkinSoft technology
  • Travel friendly
  • Showerproof
  • Skin soft floating head
  • Rounded protection rail


  • Little bit noisy


I bought this Magnitone GoBare to help with those harder to reach places – around the ankle, bikini line etc – that I hate shaving with traditional razors. I wasn’t expecting much but it is honestly one of the best I’ve used. I’ve tried a few and never had one that gets a close enough shave. But this gets right down to the skin without snagging. It is shaped to fit the hand so is easy to grip, and the head of the shaver tilts to mould to the body. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and glides easily. I am particularly pleased about the decent charge on the battery. I’ve only needed to charge twice and use this every day! After all, I thoroughly recommend this shaver. I love it!

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