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No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver Review

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver Review

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal device is a small tool that both women and men can use, and which can help you to get rid of troublesome hair from the body. It assures to make the hair removal process long lasting and easy. If you really hate to pluck, wax or shave, this treatment is just for you. So if you find yourself in the description above, don’t hesitate to come along and read this No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver review. Reading this you will find out everything you need to know about this device. How to use it safely and correctly to obtain the best results!

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What Is The No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver?

Body hair is mainly of two types, terminal hair and vellus hair. Also called ‘peach fuzz’, vellus hair is a short and soft kind that usually grows on most body parts of both women and men. It generally grows up to 2 cm in length. On the other hand, terminal hair tends to be darker, coarser and longer than ‘vellus hair’, and during the teen years, the increasing levels of ‘androgen’ cause some ‘vellus hair’ to be converted in to terminal hair, in parts such as forearms, legs, genital areas and under arms.

Terminal hair, for men, often grows on shoulders, chest, back and face. Ladies often concentrate on eradicating hair from legs, armpits, bikini area and eyebrows, while men are more concerned about removing hair from shoulders and face.

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver series of hair removal systems are best for you because you deserve a carefree delight of reduction in unwanted hair density, devoid of pain. No!No! is actually an interesting innovation in today’s hair removal treatments, and one which allows you to make your own decision. You, no longer, have to be on the clemency of expensive salons and painful treatments. With No-No hair removal, finally you have an option.

The Design

The quality hair removal system specifically designed to use at home, it is quite easy to apply on skin.

You will surely forget about all other over-the-counter permanent hair removal products. It is a painless, easy way to remove body hair, and it does its job. You can put into use this hair removal gadget for removing hair from the upper lip, bikini line, legs, pubic hair and chest hair. There is no need to wax, shave or spray permanent hair removal products with No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal.

Replacement Blades Required

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver is available presently for $55 and requires ‘replacement blades’ after a couple of uses. This is a cheaper investment as compared to laser hair removal. As per the reviewers, the ultimate outcomes may vary slightly from one individual to another. Using the treatment takes approximately two to three sessions per week, and one to three hours per session, based upon the hair type and body part.

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal is increasingly gaining the limelight all over the internet. Assuming to lessen the hair density, easy to use, not because of in-grown hair, leave irritation or red bumps as one may receive from waxing or shaving, who would not find such permanent hair removal products appealing?

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver Features

The different alternatives that people often resort to for permanent hair removal are epilators, electrolysis, hair growth inhibitor, hair removal depilatories/creams, plucking, laser treatment, in-grown hair treatment using sterilized needles, sugaring, waxing and shaving. However, none of the mentioned alternatives provides permanent solutions to unattractive body hair.

Heat Transfer

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair Removal method puts into practice heat transfer to move heat from the gadget to hair follicle. When the sensor is hot, the wire heats your hair, and takes it apart from the ‘shaft’. When most of the hair becomes stubbly, you can crush it through buffing and polish the skin to silky smooth finish.

In order to make sure the quality of No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal product, you can decide to choose the trial version which is today available for around $55. You will have nothing to lose, excluding all your unwanted body hair. Act right now and make a difference in your life when it comes to eliminating unwanted hair!

Above all, No!no! The Cordless Lady Shaver system is a really effective, professional yet easy-to-use device in the luxury of your own home, in office or even in your vehicle.

Not Only For The Ladies

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver Series is an outstanding product for permanent hair removal home treatment and can be used on all body parts of both women and men.

Hair removal is a growing large segment as men now understand that there are some alternatives to aid them tackle unwanted body hair. In addition, gone is the disgrace connected to male body hair removal, in a sense that men understand that hair-removal is not a domain only for ladies. Various options that facilitate hair removal methods for men are the same that ladies use to get rid of body-hair. While ladies often seek solutions to eradicate hair from their underarms, or face.

Some men may even choose to remove hair from their legs and arms too if they simply do not want a hairy look, or if they are sportsperson or athletes. No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal devices can also be used by men to get rid of facial-hair on a daily basis unless they want to grow a beard and mustache thanks to its dual angle design for hard to reach areas.

Pain Free

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver permanent hair removal home method is better than other treatments including painful waxing, nicks, bumps and chemical creams.

So, anyone who wishes to get hair-free skin permanently, but finds it difficult to afford elevated costs of electrolysis or laser.

Just imagine, all unwanted body hair disappears, there is no residual hair after using hair removal cream, no in-grown hair after wax, no scraps, no pain and no cuts during permanent back hair removal. With this cordless electric shaver for women you can achieve the best results. The no!no! Cordless Shaver glides effortlessly along the curves of your body to remove any unwanted hair. Get silky, smooth skin that’s irresistible to touch. You can use this device cordless for a full session of epilating and to charge it again will take you just 30 minutes! This device is waterproof so you can use it on dry or wet skin! In both cases you will obtain fantastic results!


How To Use The No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver?

The developers of No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal claims that this product actually takes out hair by slowing down the hair-follicle with heat pulse. As per renowned dermatologists, this is a safe and effective treatment for removing hair. As the product works, sometimes you may feel a burning sensation, but do not worry, it is not throbbing.

Slick Design

The product is small and bears a resemblance to a mobile phone which is lightweight and can be handled easily. To get started, you need to roll the gadget along the skin in the part where you wish to remove hair. The device has smaller heating tips fitted inside that actually heat up. According to some women who have already used the tool, they say that the skin feels just like you are in a ‘tanning booth’ for an hour after using the No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal product. However, the feeling wears-off quickly. You may dislike the smell, but it can be eradicated easily by moisturizing the skin after using the device.

The individuals using the No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal method twice a week appears to have reduced the amount of hair after six weeks, as per recent study. After six weeks, more than 70% of hair was permanently gone. Most doctors suggest that the outcomes are similar to those attained using a conventional laser hair removal treatment.

The Benefits

One great benefit reported is that treatment through heat helps persons who have troubles with laser hair removal method or shaving. Unlike shaving treatment where thicker residual hair causes rashes and burning, the No!No!  heat method steers clear of all that, in addition to nasty cuts and nicks.

The developers, dermatologists and customers are becoming aware of its amazing results. This No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal methods seem to be gaining popularity among women all around the world.

Are Permanent Hair Removal Products Really Effective?

If you have tried several permanent hair removal products, but without satisfactory results, then, it is just the right time to switch to No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver hair removal method. Now, say “Goodbye” to awkward unwanted body-hair for good with No!No! hair removal. It is a very easy-to-use device and hinders hair growth, ultimately stopping the growth of new hair altogether. It is soft on your skin, thanks to dual angle design, and packs a really potent punch on body hair. No!No! works by stopping the ‘dermal papilla’, where hair starts to grow below the skin, so that your ‘hairlessness’ appears as usual as it feels. Thus, permanent hair removal is at its best.

Personal Opinion On The No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver series permanent hair removal is not a miracle treatment; it is actually a serious solution for age-old issues. The results take patience and time to come up. If you are ready for this commitment, then, No-No hair removal will certainly aid you turn your dream of less unwanted body hair into a reality. Designed for everyone, the treatment is for all skin and hair categories, and colors including light, fine or dark.

Comfortable And Compact

No!no! Cordless series hair removal system is a little hand held tool that one can use and take almost everywhere, on the road, at office or at home.

It usually happens that just when you wish to wear your favorite, off-shoulder outfit, something aside from your frame of mind comes into play. Unwanted hair rolls up at all wrong times and may ruin all the right moments. Traditional hair removal systems like depilatory creams, bleaches, threading and waxing provide temporary solutions for your unwanted body hair. So, it is prudent to invest in permanent hair removal systems, like No!No! hair removal treatment. It is one of the best permanent hair removal systems available which lessens the thickness and number of body hair to less evident hair.

Unpleasant Smell

The smell of burning hair may be unpleasant sometimes-though it does not last long, but this is actually an indication that the tool is working in proper manner and can be masked easily by hair or incense fresheners. However, you need to bear in mind that No!No! is not a ‘magic wand’ and you will have to wait to observe lasting results. Just imagine how cheerful your life can be, no more awkwardness from wearing shorts or swimsuits in public, and no more tension-simply by learning how to remove unwanted hair comfortably from your body.

Above all, No!No! hair removal system gives an assured solution to long term body hair removal in a way which is cheaper and simpler than other products on market today.

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver Review – Pros

  • Can be used on wet and dry skin
  • The battery last for a full session of shaving
  • Thanks to dual angle design you can also reach in the most difficult areas
  • Just 30 minutes for a full charge
  • Waterproof

No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver Review – Cons

  • No additional tools/accessories included
  • No replaceable blades included


Overall, the hair growth is greatly reduced with No!No! hair removal system. The women, who are very conscious of body hair, particularly on legs will find No!No! hair removal as a best alternative, likewise chest hair removal for men. The best thing is that you can use No!No! hair removal method right at home! This way you can still receive the same outcome just like in clinics, salons and spas. Also, as you found out in my No!no! Cordless Lady Shaver review, the product has been proven to decrease growth of hair by up to 94%.

The working mechanism of No!No! permanent hair removal is as follows; the product discharges a moderate heat pulse to remove unwanted hair immediately, irrespective of your hair colors and skin type. Just imagine how cheerful your life can be, no more awkwardness from wearing shorts or swimsuits in public, and no more tension-simply by learning how to remove unwanted hair comfortably from your body.

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