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Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC Review

Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC Review

Frequently travelling to different places with your busy schedule while needing to shave, shouldn’t be a problem especially when you have the Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC rechargeable wet/dry ladies shaver. You’ll find out in my Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC review that this product is very handy. It offers full assurance that your sensitive skin is well taken care of. Its integrated features show you that a practical product can also offer unique value.

The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC provides the feminine gentleness every woman needs from an electric razor. It is cordless, giving you the freedom you want to reach those difficult areas of your skin where you need to shave. The design of this product shows that it can be easy to control and maneuver on your skin. It goes well with sensitive skin and is designed to easily allow users to lightly press it unto their skin and make a few strokes to accurately shave unwanted hair. In this Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC review you will find more reasons showing how this shaver is better than most of the other products in the market.

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What Is The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC?

The small cordless body and bold pink and white design are some of the features of the Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator which attracted the attention of a number of fashion loving women who wanted to use razors or wax for removing their unwanted hair. The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC review provided here, under, will help you know about other benefits and negative points about this device.

Beautiful Design

Panasonic had beautifully designed the ES2216PC Wet and Dry Epilator for ladies as its pink and white outer structure attracts everyone. Once you have a look at it, you will fall in love with it. The small design of 5.1 x 5.1 x 16 enables them to handle it easily and comfortably while removing their unwanted hair from anywhere on their body. The 163.3 grams weight of this device makes it lighter than various others of this kind. It is cleverly designed to be used more flexibly and accurately with its 4 blades razor.

Cordless Epilator

The cordless feature of this device allows women to use it anywhere they go. They can use it on wet as well as dry surfaces of their body with equal ease. According to its specifications you can use it up to 30 minutes to get the best results at a stretch without connecting it to any power source.

Blades Of The Epilator

The hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Blades in the head of the epilator are fixed at 60 degree angle to shave the skin more closely and effectively. Its 60 degree elevation makes it easy to use it at really awkward positions like over the knees and underarms. Its blades cause less pain without any mark on the sensitive skin of its users. Also its foils are especially gentle on sensitive skin to avoid irritation while shaving and trimming.

The Bikini Shaver Attachment

An adjustable bikini shaver attachment and pop-up trimmer comfortably trim is attached to this device. Using this device on the bikini area, you can also style your hair as you like it or remove it all.

Comfortable Performance

This epilator eliminates unwanted hair from awkward locations very easily and comfortably through the attachments available with it. Even the beginners can gently use it while shaving their underarms or bikini line.

Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC can easily come to a conclusion that it is a pain free and more reliable model from Panasonic as it offers a number of benefits to its users as compared to its drawbacks.

Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC Features

This shaver is equipped with wet and dry shaving support, allowing you the versatility you need wherever you are. If you’re in a hurry but need a quick and smooth shave, then you can use this shaver without water, and you’d still get the clean and smooth shave you want. If you’re in the tub or in the shower, you can use this shaver and save time in the process.

Sharp Shaving Blades

The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC shaver is integrated with four ultra sharp blades and ultra thin foil system developed by Panasonic. This ensures clean and smooth shaves without getting cuts and scratches. This is because each blade is designated to cut hair in different ways. The super-thin shaving foil found in its three blades is also durable. With this innovative system following the body contours you will achieve a quick, close and comfortable shave.

Wet/Dry Electric Shaver And Trimmer 2 In 1

Another feature of this product is its pop up trimmer with attachment details for legs and underarms. It also has a bikini attachment with adjustable settings trims for sensitive bikini areas. Dry and wet waterproof shaver allows for convenient shaving in or out of the shower.


The flexible pivoting head of the Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC cordless shaver can smoothly glide on your skin while accurately cutting unwanted hair. This helps you avoid getting cuts and scratches, giving you the clean and smooth shave you want. The flexibility integrated into this shaver’s head also ensures optimal control and maneuverability for users.

Hypo-Allergenic Features

Your legs and underarms won’t feel any irritation when using this shaver. This is because it is equipped with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that can ensure the protection of your sensitive skin.

Things To Remember

The ES2216PC Shaver from Panasonic is mostly favored by its users than other competing shavers in the market. This is because of its convenient cordless system and most of all, performance. In case you need a quick shave for that urgent emergency office conference this cordless function which can help you to get that clean and smoother shave you need.

Use the clipper first when you want a touch-up shave. Then, use the foil. The foil’s job is to cut short hairs as close as it can get to the skin, so it could pull out longer hair strands, which can be quite painful. When your hair grows considerably, better have the clipper and the foil for polishing touches.

Remember that the wet shaving support equipped into this shaver requires you to dampen your skin with little water. Dry shaving with this electric razor could make it skip rather than glide on your skin, so you can use a bit of water if you want. Also, leave the skin spotless by wiping off dirt and sweat from the areas you need to shave.

Color And Dimensions

The Panasonic ES2216PC is available in mauve. It measures 5.08 x 5.08 x 16 cm and weighs 163.3 grams.

This shaver can be recharged using an AC 120 volts. Cordless shaving using this product gives you 30 minutes of battery use. Before its batteries run out, you could accomplish around ten small skin areas on average. This shaver comes with an AC charger and a handy travel pouch.

The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC cordless Shaver is very convenient to carry around. This makes it suitable for women who frequently travel and spend long periods of time in different places. It’s small, requiring minimal space in your bag.


How To Use The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC

This Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC device definitely moves more easily along my skin and provides more efficient results than the other devices I used before! I don’t have to twist my hand as much to reach difficult spots as the machine is doing all the pivoting work.

I’m really satisfied with the results in terms of hair removal, and smooth skin. It’s a much closer shave than any I’ve had before.

I find I now have fewer incidents of bumps and rashes on my legs. Must be the hypoallergenic blades thing, so I’m really happy on that front.

It stays recharged for much longer. I had a shaver before that was rechargeable but didn’t last beyond 30 minutes. The Panasonic lasts through my whole hair removing session.

No Shaving Burns

I’ve never used an electric shaver for women in the underarm area but always used a razor. Trouble is I sometimes get razor burn and therefore I decided to give this shaver a try on the underarms. I liked the way it curved smoothly in this area. In terms of pain, it was quite a lot but after a few tries it’s much more endurable. Plus there haven’t been any burns with the shaver. So I’ll continue using it for underarms as well.

Great to use as both wet and dry shaving! I couldn’t wet shave with my previous one. But it also means that I can do quick, dry touch ups so I enjoy that convenience.

The lightness and smallness makes it very easy to pack and carry along when traveling.
The price is attractive, less than $60. But that said, I think the value for money is tremendous, so I’m glad I didn’t purchase some of the more expensive models.

Overall I’m very happy with this wet dry shaver and would definitely recommend it for its ease of use, excellent results and affordability.

Personal Opinion On The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC

I chose the Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC shaver because I liked the look of the slim shape. Apart from that, I was attracted to the separate bikini attachment and the pop-up trimmer for stray hairs. Other attributes of the Panasonic ES22126PC are the pivoting blades that move sleekly over the curving parts of the body. It can be fully immersed in water and is suitable for wet or dry shaves. The blades are hypoallergenic to counter against skin irritation and rashes. It’s lightweight, compact and rechargeable for up to 12 hours. The package also includes the charger. Compared to my other bikini trimmers, here’s what I found after 7 months with this one:


  • You can use it wet or dry
  • Suitable for clean and smooth shaves
  • Light and fast
  • Friendly to sensitive skin
  • Provides battery use for a good amount of time
  • Cordless
  • Inexpensive than most shavers in the market with similar features
  • Easy to control
  • Stylish design


  • No extra accessories included
  • No carry bag provided

Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC Review – Conclusion

As you found out in my Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC review, this is a great product to buy. Why? Especially for its hypoallergenic feature! This gives women peace of mind that their skin is protected against irritations, rashes and possible infections. A shaver that works well and stays sharp for a long time, the ES2216PC Close Curves Shaver from Panasonic is highly recommended to every woman who wants an inexpensive shaver with useful features.

This shaver has received a lot of great feedback compared to other competing electric shaver brands for women. If you decide you had enough of this issue about extra hair which is a troublemaker, then you should have this device in your house! Every woman should! This can simply help you to stop dealing with unnecessary problems about unwanted hair.

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