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Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 Review

Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 Review

Shaving is a daily activity that some women hate. But some have found that they actually started to enjoy shaving after using the Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341. In my Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 review you will find out why this is the top of the line shaver in Philips lineup. Are you looking for a great quality shaver to make the daily shaving chore enjoyable? Do you want to achieve exceptional results in the same time? Then you may find that this device is the best one for you.

Well Rated Product

This electric shaver is rated very highly on Amazon. It has been given one of the greatest numbers of positive reviews of any electric shaver I’ve seen of its type. These high ratings and reviews are coming from real people who have used this product. Knowing that, it gives you great peace of mind that people are happy with it, and that it works. Almost 90% of the reviews for this product rate it as either 4 stars or 5 stars. These high reviews just reinforce the fact that this is a solid product, a good buy and one of the many reasons that I rate this shaver so highly.

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What Is Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341?

This is the new Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 cordless shaver from their new “Power Touch” range of shavers. This model is designed for fast, convenient and comfortable wet and dry shaving. It has a powerful and long lasting battery which makes you enjoy cordless shaving time. The Philips HP6341 Lady shave is battery operated for maximum maneuverability and convenience either at home or while travelling.

With this all-round Lady shave you can shave your whole body quickly, easily and safely. The secret is the small shaving head that shaves your hair quickly while protecting your skin for a soft and smooth feeling after every use. The Philips HP6341 Lady shave is a sleek and compact shaver, ideal for holidays. It helps you stay neat and tidy longer without any skin damage.

Smooth Cut

This device is designed to handle short and long hair. Also, it provides the closest and smoothest cut of any comparable shavers. The triple blades system operates on a Smart and the pivot heads can easily glide over the different contours of the body’s shape. It is a battery operated device, so you can shave anywhere with this cordless lady shaver. Because of that this is a convenient travel product.

The Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 latest range of electric shavers replaces the traditional manual shave with disposable razors. It’s a cordless shaver which is designed for best results for dry and wet shaving.

With this all-round Lady shave you can shave your whole body quickly, easily and safely. The secret is the small shaving head that shaves your hair quickly while protecting your skin for a soft and smooth feeling after every use. The Philips HP6341 Lady shave is a sleek and compact shaver, ideal for holidays. It helps you stay neat and tidy longer without any skin damage.

Battery Powered

You don’t need to worry about having to wait a full hour on the shaver charging if the battery ever runs out as with this device you just have to change the batteries and carry on your process.

Good Grip

The head of the Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 shaver has a slim and sleek ergonomic design for everybody. It fits comfortably in your hand for a good grip so you can move it very easy around your legs, underarms or anywhere on your body to get great results all over without missing any patches. The advantage of this design is that it provides 50% more coverage area than you would find in a traditional razor. This will give a more thorough shave and reduce the need to shave the same area twice, reducing time and chance of irritation.

Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 Features

HP6341 is a stunning feature rich deluxe electric shaver from Phillips that gives you a smooth body and makes the shaving process enjoyable. You can easily remove your hair easier with lots of fun, rather than get angry because it takes ages and the outcome is not the one you expected. The Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 has a high level technology that helps you to get rid of your hair easier. It takes very little effort to use this shaver. You do not have to apply much pressure for the Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 to provide a very clean and smooth shave. By not having to apply a lot of pressure there is less friction when shaving keeping your skin pain free.

Flip Out Trimmer

If you have sideburns or irritated skin, there is a flip out trimmer. Just push a button and the trimmer pops out allowing you to easily trim and style sideburns. A lot of other electric shavers come with a separate trimmer but people have experienced that the trimmer on this Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 works very well.

Less Mess

Another thing I really like about this shaver is that cut hairs are caught within a chamber on the handle. This is great because there is no mess left after using this shaver. Again, this is a great time saving feature as you no longer have to clean up after each shave. When you are finished shaving, just click a button and the hair chamber will flip open. Just run the chamber under running water to clean the shaver.

Travel Friendly

If you travel frequently for work, you will be pleased to know that Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 is the best product for you, as it works on batteries .This is particularly handy if you want to take your shaver with you on holiday.

Optimal Skin Contact

Shaving is more enjoyable with this small, gentle shaving head provided to this device, which protects your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. You just have to keep moving in along your body once for best results. The blades operate independently and the high technology allows the shaver to easily move across the contours of your body shape. There is no need to use it on the same area of your body more than once, as it eliminates all hair from the first pass along. This allows for optimal skin contact during shaving and ensures no hairs are missed.


How To Use The Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341

Are you one of those looking for the best shaver and that for a reasonable price also? If it is so, you must surely spend some time reading the information provided in my Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 review. It is considered by many to be a trendsetter in electric shaving technology and therefore getting to understand a bit about it would be extremely interesting.

Hypo-Allergenic Foil

One of the revolutionary features of the Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341is the hypo-allergenic foil to prevent irritation and rashes. This is really amazing because it is able to keep you away from a painful shaving process and irritate skin afterwards.

It also comes with a unique Aquatech technology which allows using the shaver without or with foam.

Its head is sensitive and is able to catch and remove even the tiniest of hair particles.

The best of smooth and nick free shaving is possible because of the Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341.

Noise Free

The best part is that the shaver hardly makes any noise and at times we would be left wondering whether the shaver is working at all.

It also provides smooth shaving without any irritation. While many other brands can match this shaver in terms of smoothness and closeness of shaving, irritation is something that could always be there.

Ergonomic Design

It has a very well thought out ergonomic design making it possible to hold the shaver quite easily and go about the shaving job even more comfortably. This device is so easy to use as well. In the parcel you will find also a manual of instructions which will provide you with all the information you need to make your job easier and use the device safely and efficiently.

The Philips HP6341 gives you maximum flexibility of use – you can use it in and out of the shower, this is up to your preferences. When you take a bath, the hot water relaxes the skin and lets the pores open, which makes the process of shaving easier for a close shave and better results. Thanks to its ergonomic design it makes the process quicker and gives the longest and efficient results.

In terms of looks and appearance there is little doubt that this model of shaver from the stables of Philips beats all others. It certainly is very stylish and extremely slim when compared to the previous models.

It comes with the usual warranty and return policies applicable to all Philips shavers and hence you should not have any problem, even if you buy them online.

Personal Opinion On The Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341

With this device I felt confident to use its dry function shave on my bikini area (which I could NEVER have dreamed of doing with an electric razor for women) and had the most comfortable shave! I literally couldn’t believe it! No razor burns, bumps or ingrown hairs, not even a sign of red skin! I was thinking I am in heaven having my first shaving process without getting angry because it takes too long, without pinching my skin and making it bleed, without being so painful when it pulls my hair and most important: without being necessary to go twice on the same area.

Amazing First Experience

That was an absolutely amazing first experience with this Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341. After all the shavers I tested I can say this is one of my favorites. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin problems as an alternative to shaving!

Super Lift And Cut

Philips has created a patented technology that they call “Super Lift and Cut” that lifts each hair away from the skin to cut. This is how Philips is able to produce such a close shave with the shaver models equipped with the “Super Lift and Cut” system. You will be pleased to know this technology is included also in Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 shaver. The blade is responsible for pulling and lifting the hair away from your skin. This may sound like a harsh way of shaving but the shaver operates so fast and with great precision that you do not even feel the hairs being lifted.

Once the hair has been lifted it will be easier to be cut. This allows the shaver to get a close cut without nicking your skin or cause skin any irritation.

If you look closely at the head on the shaver you will notice that it has a repeating pattern of slots and holes. The slots are used to catch longer hair so that it can be cut. The holes are used to grasp shorter hair or stubbles. This ingenious design ensures every hair is cut without missing any and makes for a close shave.


  • Designed for all areas on your body
  • Easy to clean with the brush provided
  • Suitable to use on wet or dry skin
  • Waterproof


  • Cordless – needs batteries – AA type
  • Not too many accessories included


Ready to say “Hello” to silk and smooth skin with a long last effect? If your answer is “Yes”, then you already read my Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 review and found out this is the perfect solution for you. It worked for me being an absolutely useful device. I am pretty sure you will find it suitable for your needs too. With its cordless function it makes possible the shaving process anywhere and anytime you need to get it done.

Also, thanks to its hypo-allergenic foil system you can say “Farewell” to any rashes, bleeding spots or irritate skin on your body. I hope this Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 review will help you to make the right decision. Philips-Razor Feminine Ladyshave HP6341 review provides you with all the information you need. By far, it is one of my favorite shavers. I will happily recommend it to all my friends who are still having problems in combating unwanted hair.

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