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Pro-Wax 100 Review

Pro Wax 100 Review

Not until long ago I was fed up of wasting my time and money trying to find the best solution to get rid of unwanted hair. Nothing I’ve tried until then seemed to work out for me. Some of the methods were way too painful. Or the items I used even broke down really quick, were too expensive or gave me sore skin and rashes. When I was very close to giving up trying I discovered Pro-Wax 100. This it’s the wax warmer which changed my life. Come along and read this Pro-Wax 100 review and you can change your life in being better. I attached below all information you need for a perfect solution to get rid of unwanted hair without struggling.

Editor's Pick
LED Wax Warmer
  • LED Wax Warmer
  • Led screen temperature display
  • Heating faster
  • Removable power cord
  • Applicable for wax beans, wax blocks, cosmetic wax
  • Accurate temperature control
Mylee Complete Professional Waxing Kit
  • Mylee Waxing Kit
  • Suitable for all hard, soft and paraffin waxes
  • Adjustable temperature
  • On/Off power indicator light
  • 6 month warranty
  • Lid cover included
Pro Wax 100
  • Pro-Wax 100
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Suitable for all types of waxes
  • For home use
  • Suitable for professional salon use
  • Adapter included

What Is Pro-Wax 100?

What’s the greatest advantage at Pro-Wax 100? You can be in control with the wax temperature! Most of the time, I use the high setting to melt the wax. I stir it away from the sides gently as it melts. Then turn it down to the medium setting. Let it set for several minutes to cool off a bit so you don’t burn your skin. Always test somewhere first.

Please be aware that melted wax at the high setting is more than likely going to burn you unless you have the toughest, thickest skin around.

Pro-Wax 100 seems to be a well made melting pot. I have only had it for a month, but it has definitely been used! The lid is nice to keep the wax covered between uses. The heavy duty cord is long enough to reach most outlets without being in the way.

The pot itself is small enough to handle easily and store out of the way. It might even fit into a deep drawer. I just leave mine out because there is no one here (like young children) I need to keep it away from. Thanks to Pro-Wax 100 the wax warms up and melts fairly quickly so it’s ready to go when you need it. I will be using this pot a lot so I will come back and amend this review if it fails to work as long as I think it should. For now, it more than meets my needs.

Great For Beginners

Pro-Wax 100 is a great little waxing machine for beginners, like me. Good for smaller projects, not a super deep pot. If you’re looking to use it for larger areas, like your legs, it can be difficult to get lots of wax on the stick. When you purchase a replacement canister make sure you get one with the little metal handle across it so you can wipe the excess wax on it without it dripping all over the outside of your pot.

The Pro-Wax 100 is perfect for melting hard wax beans at home. Gets hot, stays hot and creates a good consistency wax. Temperature controls are very easy to use. Clear lid and removable pan inside are making the cleaning process very easy, very fast and simple too.

I love waxing, lasts so much longer than shaving and smells lots better than any depilatory ever could. Plus hair grows back smooth, not sharp. Over time, when pull roots out enough times, hair just doesn’t grow back, or comes back very fine. And having a very good wax warmer, as Pro-Wax 100 waxing becomes a pleasure. At least that is what I have found to be true with myself.

Pro-Wax 100 Features

 Today, I just had a chance to use this Pro-Wax 100 and I’m very happy with my purchase.

I did some research and wanted to try waxing at home by myself. At the start, I got really good hard wax, but didn’t want to spend much on the equipment in case I wasn’t happy with the results. This wax warmer definitely did its job plus more. Always use a test strip before waxing to make sure the temperature is not too hot. The Pro-Wax 100 heated the wax up quickly and kept it at a constant temperature. I’m overall very enthusiastic about my purchase and would definitely recommend it.

Easy To Clean

I’m so glad I came upon these and decided to invest in this wax warmer! Pro-Wax 100 is really the best! It heats up evenly and has an auto on/off timer if it gets too hot. The outside is easier to clean than other warmers I’ve had and I love that the metal bucket containing the wax can come out! Also the lids are see thru which makes them look nicer than other solid tops. Plus this is truly the best price anywhere!

There’s a handy LED light that turns red when it’s heating and green when it reaches the temperature the dial is set at. There’s no provision to set it at a known temperature. All the options you have are to set it on a “medium” or “high” level. However, after playing with the dial for a few minutes, I got the dial position set “high” and that works perfect for me. So, that’s not an issue for me that there’s not a certain temperature you can set it on. The removable container is approximately 4″ W X 2 3/4 H” inside measurements, and the domed lid adds at least 1″ to that. Small jars will fit easily within this space.

Suitable For All Types Of Wax

I’ve had several different types of heating wax kits and I’m really impressed with how this particular one is set up to work. I like the fact that you can pick up the wax bucket for easy removal and cleaning. This Pro-Wax 100 is suitable for all types of wax. I’m glad I saved myself some money and went with this one instead of spending more money to purchase an entire kit of items I never use just to get a warmer that I may or may not like.

It’s value priced and very good quality. I highly recommend this to everyone!


How To Use The Pro-Wax 100

When I purchased Pro-Wax 100 I was a beginner in waxing. And let me tell you it was really easy to use, no issues with it! Pro-Wax 100 warmed up easily and very quickly, of course it depends on the heat you put it on. It is not heavy at all, the cord isn’t too long and the pot holds enough wax. Pro-Wax 100 is a great product I’d say!

I’ve had this for a month now (when I write this review) and so far it works great! I think I have pretty low sensitivity to hot wax on my skin. I’d often turn the knob to a high setting to melt the wax beads and it’s not too bad. The heat turns off once the wax reaches the desired temperature and that’s amazing. It’ll turn the heat up once again on it’s own to regulate the temperature. Take the beads a little more than 5 minutes to reach a waxy consistency. I will say that’s very impressive!

No Waste Of Money

Now, I am so glad and proud of myself that I proceed with this purchase. I will admit that I was very reluctant and worried about purchasing Pro-Wax 100. At the start, I just thought it would be another item I will waste my money on. When I used it for the first time I fell in love with it straight away. It is not harsh or sticky on the skin after removing the wax, like honey wax they use at the salons.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t need strips to remove the wax. Now, I am addicted to using this. It was a small learning curve to figure out how to use it myself but it is so gentle on the skin! It comes with an instruction manual which will help you to use it correctly.

How To Use It?

Pro-Wax 100 is very simple to use. You have to put the wax into the container provided and then put it in the Pro-Wax 100 wax warmer. After you did this connect the wax warmer to a power source and by turning the knob choose set the temperature for your wax. Give it between 5-7 minutes (if you selected it on “high”) and then your wax is ready to be used. Now, using some wood spatulas spread the wax on your body, against the hair growth. Give it a few seconds and after it becomes hard pull it all at once!

After you finish using the Pro-Wax 100 leave it to cool down and then is ready to be cleaned. I have no problem telling people about Pro-Wax 100. More than that, I told everyone I work with. I work in an office and I let them know how easy it is to use and how much I loved it.  Whenever I have an opportunity, I will recommend this Pro-Wax 100!

Personal Opinion On The Pro-Wax 100

Well, I’ve never waxed by myself, but this time I’ve decided to try, so I could save time and money. So I’ve ordered this wax warmer. Why Pro-Wax 100? At the start, I guess I just liked the design, it looks so cute. Like I said, I didn’t have any experience in waxing. But let me tell you something, that was a great choice! First of all, Pro-Wax 100 has several temperature options, so you can adjust temperature and it keeps the right one all the time. It took me a while to find out how to put wax on my legs and then on my arms, but the temperature was the same all the way long.

Soft And Silk Skin In Under 90 Minutes

The Pro-Wax 100 works as miracles! I was super impressed with the result! Even as a first timer using hard bean wax, it was a really easy process. In just about 90 minutes, I was able to do my legs, bikini, face and underarms. Also,  I didn’t have to go back with tweezers to grab hairs. I was super impressed with how much hair came off the first time. Super impressed that I didn’t have to go over a single area twice. My skin is soft and silk now, no irritation, no bumps! I would recommend this device to all my friends, because it is so easy to warm wax, to remove hair, and it is really, really easy to use it!

I think everyone should have the chance to know about Pro-Wax 100 and try it! It is for sure a life change. Once you test it for the first time, you will become addicted to it, guaranteed! But this is a good thing as long as it is an addiction for our benefit.

I truly advise you to buy and test Pro-Wax 100 and I promise you will never regret this decision!


  • Warm all types of waxes
  • Include extra aluminum container
  • See through cover which prevents wax contamination
  • 360° heating foil for a fast wax meltdown
  • Break resistant plastic lid


  • Not accessories included

Pro-Wax 100 Review – Conclusion

I truly love this Pro-Wax 100! This is so easy to use! Love the knob control feature on the warmer. I like to keep my temperature on “medium”. It may take it a tab bit longer to warm up (depending on the amount of wax you put in), but it’s totally worth it to not burn your skin! It takes 10 minutes for Pro-Wax 100 to bring the wax at the perfect consistency on the “medium” level.

Please, make sure that you have clean skin and that the area is totally dry before applying wax. Thanks to Pro-Wax 100 the wax has never left my skin irritated! This is because it does a great job by bringing it and maintaining it at a perfect temperature. If you don’t have Pro-Wax 100 at home already, I wholeheartedly recommend you to buy one!

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