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Remington WDF5030 Review

Remington WDF5030 Review

Women have several ways of removing their unwanted hair. These include waxing, depilatories, sugaring, lasers, epilators and shaving. Of these, however, shaving remains the most popular as you’ll find out in my Remington WDF5030 review. This is probably because it is the least expensive, least painful, and easily done.

Specifically designed for women, the Remington WDF5030 has a contoured head that perfectly fits women’s curves. Its angle allows you to easily reach and shave your entire leg surface. This makes shaving around them more wield and controllable. With its optimal angle head this device has been cataloged as one of the best shavers on the market.

With the shaver Remington WDF5030, shaving is faster and smoother, requiring a lesser number of passes over the same area and at the same time preventing irritation or skin rashes. It also prevents nicks and cuts that can result in ugly scars.

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Remington WDF5030
  • Remington WDF5030
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  • Wet & dry use
  • Flex dual-sided trimmer
  • Soft touch sides for no-slip grip
  • Battery powered

What Is The Remington WDF5030?

Ladies are so keen on identifying what is theirs and what they can actually share with their spouses. Our skin is sensitive, very feline and even though hair does grow on it, we need a product that can remove the hair and at the same time caring for the exposed skin. Women’s shavers have not been on the market for long.

For a while, it is sad to say that we have had to share the men’s razors, though they did work, they were not designed for the feminine body. The Remington WDF5030 is not only designed for women for nowadays, but tomorrow’s women as well. When it comes to efficiency this shaver has got it all, grooming mornings will never be the same for you except for the fact that you might get addicted to shaving.

Smooth shave technology delivers comfort, closeness, and convenience for the Remington shaver. The angled shaver head features four blades that stay close to the skin for swift, smooth results. The unique foils and special dual-sided trimmer guide hairs towards the blades to make every pass count. And you’ll love the convenience of the cordless, rechargeable shaver that can be used in the shower and with shaving gel. Plus, the moisturizing almond oil strip nourishes the skin during shaving for the ultimate comfort.

Why Should You Have This Device?

America’s leading women’s shaver is made of quality materials, with plastic as the overall outer cover and pure titanium shaving heads. The Remington WDF5030 is quite petite but it is worth a pinch into the pocket for it. Will save you lots of money that you would have spent buying the traditional shaving razors or a visit to the salon just to get your feet waxed for the same results. It is available in online stores and for only $52.66 you will have your own Remington shaver which can last you a lifetime of graceful silky skin that your friends will envy and adore.

Another reason why this Remington WDF5030 bags the lottery is due to its convenience. Carry it with you on road trips, camping and vacations to get rid of that bushy mess that would have ruined your fun.

The cons are very few but as a lady you can work with them in the end it’s the look that matters.

Transitioning from one hair removal technique to the other is quite challenging but it is worth the fuss. All the results you will get from the Remington WR5000 Smooth & Silky SpinFlex will ensure that you actually have something to gossip about with your friends. If you don’t have this SpinFlex shaver then you probably don’t know how it feels to have hair free soft silky skin that will complement the greater woman in you!

Remington WDF5030 Features

Remington’s range of electric shavers is surprisingly small for a company that is so well known in the hair care products industry. However, all the women electric shavers that I have seen from Remington have high ratings and very good customer reviews. This is Remington’s rotary shaver follow up to their lift logic foil. The unique foil design allows for even shaving of all hair lengths by angling hairs towards the blades. This device is unrated with super sharp and durable stainless steel blades.

The Remington WDF5030 has attached an optimal angle head. This revolutionary technology makes shaving very comfortable because of the blades and how those are positioned, so the foils stay flush to the skin.

Flexible Shaver Foils

This Remington shaver has many of the innovative features and technology found in the more expensive, popular brands. The shaver head for example is made up of three rotary cutting foils which flex independently. This independent flexing allows the shaver heads to work in synergy and remain in full contact with the skin while shaving. The dual foils with open cutters are mounted and a pivoting head which makes for even further adaptability to round on all surfaces on your body.

With the combined flexible shaver foils and the pivoting head, the shaver offers even skin contact to make sure all hairs are cut thoroughly and evenly.

Ergonomically Designed Handle

A Soft grip handle and ergonomic design was attached on this model Remington WDF5030, which will make it more easy to be handled and used.

The ergonomically designed handle looks very stylish with a polished metal effect finish, digital display and rubber gripped area to minimize the risk of dropping and offers maximum control.

Wet Or Dry Shaving Options

This shaver was designed to work perfectly, wet or dry, because everyone’s shaving routine is different. The clever cordless design of the Smooth & Silky shaver, with its soft touch grip, allows for comfortable, non-slip use in the shower. And thanks to its open cutters that reduce clogging, you can choose to use shaving gel for that extra level of comfort, without a worry.

Quick Charge Function

As mentioned, the shaver gives 40 minutes of cordless shaving time before needing charge which is very good and even better than some of the more expensive electric shaver models. In the unlikely event that your shaver battery runs out of power you don’t need to wait hours on it charging. The shaver has a quick charge function that takes only five minutes and gives the shaver enough power for one full shave. I really like the charging stand that Remington provides with this shaver as it’s very stylish. The shaver suits the stand and makes a fashionable addition to any bathroom.


How To Use The Remington WDF5030?

Remington is a famous brand that has succeeded in millions homes and helps out a lot of people when it comes to personal body care. These devices are absolutely amazing and it provides a very good quality reporting to the price it has.

What is this product? How to use it? Why should you buy it? Well, bare with me and along this section you will find the answers for all these questions! Since I was a teenager and I started to remove my hair from my body I spent an eternity to find the best solution. Yes, that’s right, a lot of time wasted when all I wanted was to get rid of unwanted hair quickly, safely, with less pain and especially the effect to last for a while. But all of this was just until in my life appeared this fantastic product Remington WDF5030. After 3 usages I knew this is the miracle I was waiting for all those years.

Smart Design

This lady shaver is quite smart looking, in a clinical white with purple side flashes. The first thing I noticed is that the weight is noticeably concentrated in the head area. Which actually makes it quite positive in its action. This is rather counter intuitive, as it makes it easier to grip, and easier to guide. Because the weight is concentrated where it is shaving. I tested where the point of balance is, and it is about two thirds up from the bottom of the body on the non slip grip.

Powerful Motor

This device comes with its own charging stand and adapter. The Remington WDF5030 has a powerful little motor, not very quiet. I found it a bit noisy- if you use it in the en-suite, I would make sure the door is firmly closed. It does a fine job of shaving and trimming. The device has a built in trimmer, which it is recommended you use if you are tackling an area you have not treated for some time. The trimmer is a treat to use, just hold 45 degrees to the area to be treated and work against the lye of the hair. Is recommended to charge it fully before every use. It gives you 30 minutes of cordless usage. Also it’s recommended to charge the shaver for 24 hours, one time, before first use.

Cleaning And Storing

You get 40 minutes of use from a fully recharged state. I think that is adequate for most of us. Cleaning was to be honest, just a little tricky. The foil heads come off quite easily, in the normal way, by squeezing two catches at the side of the head. The shaving head itself comes off the body for cleaning. I found this a bit tricky. You need to slide the catch to the right, and then pull off. You need a strong enough pull to actually make you worry that something might break, though this was certainly not the case and did not happen.

It can be washed, though not in water over 70 C. It comes with a bag and small cleaning brush. All foil shavers need the foils replacing every so often, this one recommends every six months for foils and cutters. If you use any pressure on the foils, I am sure they will wear out quite quickly.

Personal Opinion On The Remington WDF5030

It is a good thing when you have someone to recommend some products. You save your money and time by choosing based on someone’s experience. Today I will share with you my personal opinion after I tested the Remington WDF5030.

Although marketed towards females, this intimate region shaver can quite easily be used by gents too. It is well made, fairly heavy at the business end and charges quickly.

The trimmer works very well and being on the side it is out of harm’s way when it becomes time to smooth over the area with the shaver foils. The shaver itself performs a close shave. Not exactly smooth as a baby’s posterior but it’s certainly smooth enough if you keep up to it daily.

I’ve used several electric razors for women which have been combo products with heads for epilation and shaving.

As marketed you can use it on wet skin or dry. These two options make your job easier as you can use it in any context. When you want to soak for hours in a bathtub with hot water or when you are in a hurry and need to get it done and go. It is more than I expected from a shaver. Leaves my skin so smooth and for sure it reduces a lot the amount of hair growth.


  • Advanced contouring fairly designed for women
  • An ergonomic angle to suit a woman’s call to shave her legs
  • Maximum use of the optimal angle head with three spinning shaving heads
  • You can use it in and out the shower
  • Easy to use on and off button
  • Efficient arm grip design


  • Cordless system – 40 minutes of usage, then it needs to charge
  • You must shave regularly to maintain silky skin since it does not use the same shaving technique as waxing

Remington WDF5030 Review – Conclusion

Do you want to say “Goodbye” to wasted time trying to get rid of unwanted hair? I think you found out the answer to this question in my Remington WDF5030 review! After I tried this device I felt like this was what I was looking for all this time, when I needed the perfect solution for my problem. This shaver is not just removing your hair, it does so much more! It is reducing the hair growth and leaves your skin so smooth.

All I really love about this shaver is that it grabs all hair, even the smaller one, comparing it with the old devices I tried. All accessories it comes with are provided to help you obtain the best results. With them and the manual of instructions I was able to figure out very quickly how to use the device correctly and safely.

When it comes to shavers, Remington WDF5030 should be considered as an option!

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