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Sensica Sensilight Pro Review

Sensica Sensilight Pro Review

Laser hair removal at home has finally become a reality for women and men everywhere. Before you used to have to rely on expensive, professional laser hair removal services, or experiment with hair removal cream products. Now, you have the ability to effectively remove unwanted body hair at home with real laser hair removal products, like the Sensica Sensilight Pro. We decided to find out as much as we could and research this home laser hair removal machine, just to see how it stacks up against other hair removal methods. We’ve put all of our findings here for you in this Sensica Sensilight Pro review.

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What Is The Sensica Sensilight Pro?

There’s a lot of talk going on these days about laser hair removal at home. From spots on the television news programs, to laser hair removal reviews on the Internet, people just can’t quit talking about the latest hair removal breakthroughs. The Sensica Sensilight Pro device is leading the pack when it comes to buzz about laser hair removal at home products. As a matter of fact, the Sensica Sensilight Pro uses the same type of cutting edge technology, as physicians use for clinical hair removal sessions. That high quality makes the Sensica Sensilight Pro one of the most popular and widely sought after permanent hair removal devices currently on the market.

Reactive Pulsed Light Technology

To be honest, the Sensica Sensilight Pro isn’t a laser hair removal at all. This hair removal device uses reactive pulsed light technology to permanently reduce or remove body hair. The end results of using the Sensica Sensilight Pro are the same as what you’d expect from the best home laser hair removal systems. Hair is removed and does not grow back for weeks, months, and, sometimes, not at all. Results will vary, but most users of the Sensica Sensilight Pro have reported astounding results in terms of overall body hair reduction.

One thing that you should know about the Sensica Sensilight Pro, and any of the best home laser hair devices – you will get the best results if you have lighter skin and darker hair. The technology used in the Sensica Sensilight Pro produces maximum, safe hair removal for people with this combination of skin tone and hair color. It’s also best to avoid using any kind of light or laser hair removal at home products if you have tanned or very dark skin. See the specifics for each product that you are considering, but we are aware of these recommendations.

If you like to use only the best, most professional hair removal products, we recommend that you get theSensica Sensilight Pro to use for long-lasting body hair removal, without having to pay high salon prices.

This Device Really Does Work

The people who designed the Sensica Sensilight Pro device, clearly had it in mind to create one of the best home laser hair removal systems around. There is some serious technology going on that makes this laser hair removal at home system much more efficient and potent than most other home hair removal methods. They call the laser/light technology, used in the Sensica Sensilight Pro: light energy technology. And while you and I probably don’t care about the ins and outs of how this hair removal technology works, one thing can’t be denied. This device really does work – and it works much better than you’d expect from a laser hair removal at home product.

Sensica Sensilight Pro Official Video


Sensica Sensilight Pro Features

This Sensica Sensilight Pro is much more effective than shaving or even waxing. The secret of this effectiveness lies in reactive pulsed light (RPL) which has the power to remove hair and slow future hair growth. And while some people think that home laser hair removal systems will permanently stop hair growth, it’s important to know that this is not true. It will mean that you have less hair on your body for longer periods of time, but you will have to do repeat sessions with the Sensica Sensilight Pro every few weeks or months to experience constantly smooth and virtually hairless skin. Some tests have shown this to be 90% effective in permanent hair removal and reduction. You can adjust the laser’s intensity how you like it, according to your skin type.

Cordless Device

It takes less than 15 minutes on average to do a session to remove hair for an entire leg.. You can use this device cordless, but it also comes with a charger. The smartest thing about this device is the led, which will scan your skin and indicate to you which intensity you should use to do it safely to obtain efficient results. Sensica Sensilight Pro has been created to help you treat large and small areas from your body. It comes with 2 heads, one of 4.5 cm which will be useful for large areas and the second one of 2 cm designed for small areas.
The unlimited flashes can guarantee you the best result of removing unwanted hair and reducing its growth.

Safe To Use

Sensica Sensilight Pro is customisable to give  you the choice between to set up your own level of intensity or by using the skin tone detection option then the device will select the right intensity level suitable to you skin tone, with the purpose to make the process safe and to give the best results.

Sensica Sensilight Pro review wouldn’t be complete without looking at some of the pertinent customer reviews online. We’ve found that many people are split on their opinions of the Sensica Sensilight Pro. Some people gave this laser hair removal at home system lower scores due to the fact that sessions can be kind of long to undergo. This is normal for more permanent hair removal sessions, of any kind, but it does make sense that some people might be frustrated by this factor.

Lasting Longer Results

Even though you have to spend longer on the initial at home laser hair removal, the results also last longer, and in some cases they are even permanent. Most laser hair removal systems work best on very dark hair, so keep that in mind before you purchase this home laser hair removal system.

While there were a few people who didn’t like the long hair removal sessions that you have to undergo when using the Sensica Sensilight Pro, we still recommend this product to our readers. After all, spending less than 15 minutes to remove hair on your leg, when you know the hair won’t be back for quite some time, really is a much more efficient hair removal solution than waxing or shaving.

If your aim is to minimize body hair for the longest periods of time, we recommend the Sensica Sensilight Pro as your hair removal tool of choice.


How To Use The Sensica Sensilight Pro

So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word laser? Laser light shows, laser guns and of course laser hair removal right? Well the first two lasers we shall let them be as they are as we are here on a mission. A mission to find a permanent solution to remove that stubble always peeping out of your skin in a matter of days or sometimes-even hours after a strenuous session of shaving or waxing. So what do we do? If you are the kind who thinks its destiny and nothing can be done think again friends, nothing is impossible in this techno frenzy world.

When there is a new invention in every field why not a solution for permanent hair removal from the body. So here, it is the new advanced laser technology. It would help you get rid of all the unwanted hair from your arms, legs, body and face thanks to this permanent laser hair removal.

Various Levels Of Laser Light

The Sensica Sensilight Pro hair removal machines use the advanced laser technology to burn the hair follicle present below the layer of the skin. The laser light which when penetrated through the skin sucks the hair from its root. The device burns the root thereby permanently destroying the hair in that region. The laser beams are controlled to suck only the darker portion of the skin. Which would invariably be the hair and thereby not affecting the skin in any manner.

There are various levels of the laser light present in the Sensica Sensilight Pro laser hair removal. This can be controlled manually or automatically to penetrate through the skin. A person undergoing the initial hair removal sessions would be subject to the lower levels of the laser light. This make the skin get accustomed to the laser beams. Over a period of time, when you are into your advanced sessions of laser hair removal, the higher levels of laser light would be penetrated to remove the roots of the hair from deep within.

Customisable Product

Sensica Sensilight Pro is customisable to select your own intensity level you want to use. By using the special function of this device, it will do it for you. Pressing one button, the device can scan your type of skin and suggest you the right intensity you should choose. Before starting the process is recommended to shave. The device will burn the hair from its roots, rather than struggling with its length. The Sensilight PRO is suitable for use on all types of skin tones!  With one exception for the very darkest and all hair colors apart from light blonde, red and grey. After you shaved the area you want to treat, simply press the button to select the intensity you want and walk the device along your body.

Best Results

For the best result we are recommended one session at every 2 weeks for the first 4 sessions. After this, every four weeks as long as you think is necessary to continue the treatment.

Sensica Sensilight Pro is exactly what you need for a safe and efficient laser hair removal at home. This device can offer you the best results, at a higher standard in the comfort of your own house!

Personal Opinion On The Sensica Sensilight Pro

I have fair skin but very dark and harsh hair all over my body. Growing up I tried waxing and used creams to remove unwanted hair. It was not only painful, but as I have a sensitive skin. I used to get rashes and irritation using them. Not to mention lots of ingrown hair. After using Sensica pro, I noticed that it’s reducing the hair growth slowly and gradually in each and every use. Not only is it not painful, as you can adjust the level, but also I am not getting any ingrown hair. The best part is that I feel my hair and skin extremely smooth just after first use.

I have used it three times so far in the last 6 weeks and I can already see the results. I would recommend this product to everyone who has sensitive skin like me. This was the greatest experience I had ever had. Usually, in the past I was assimilating the shaving process as being a trauma for me. Wasted time, a lot of pain involved and very disappointed results. All of this until Sensica Sensilight Pro came into my life. Since then the shaving process concept is totally different for me. Now it is a relaxing activity, without pain involved and exceptional results! For who is still hesitating to buy this product I can tell you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life! I don’t regret even one second for buying this device! It is worth it every single penny!


  • The device is charging fast
  • I like that it has unlimited flashes
  • Function which is adapting to your type of skin
  • Option to select automatic pulse of light so is not necessary to press the button all the time to flash
  • Very simple to use


  • It could contain some glasses to protect your eyes. The flash light is very powerful (you can buy some yourself)
  • For some areas I found it quite painful (maybe because I was using it with the higher intensity

Sensica Sensilight Pro Review – Conclusion

The Sensica Sensilight Pro removes hair using intense pulsed light technology. This is used to suppress hair’s growth and as such is more comfortable than laser or waxing. All of this without experiencing any of the skin irritations associated with these other methods.

Developed with a leading dermatologist, the Sensica Sensilight Pro is a fast, painless and highly effective light-based hair removal system.  This is that kind of device which deliver professional results. And all of this without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You can safely removing hair for an ultra-silky smooth feeling that can last for up to 12 weeks.

Buy Sensica Sensilight Pro and you will not regret your investment even for a second! This is exactly what you need to get rid of unwanted hair in just a flash.

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