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Smoothskin Pure IPL Review

Smoothskin Pure IPL Review

How are you dealing with getting rid of unwanted hair? For so many years I tried every single method and none of them met my expectations. Well, it came to the point when I had to cross the last one of the list: laser hair removal. It was a hard decision for me according to the fact that we have so many choices on the market. But, in the end I truly think I made the right choice and I am so happy about it. If you want to find out what I am talking about read this Smoothskin Pure IPL review!

The Smoothskin Pure IPL device was my solution in my battle with my hairy body! Check all the information I provide below and you will notice that it’s a great device!

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What Is Smoothskin Pure IPL?

Here are my thoughts on the Smoothskin Pure IPL. I have to admit that I have never previously used a home hair laser removal device, but wow this one is super nice ! It’s made really well and very easy to use. It comes with the instructions and it really does work to remove hair follicles. I begin on my legs and there is a tingling feeling but not painful. And so far I didn’t get red at all. I am going to keep using it on my arms as well. You just need to take it slowly and be patient and repeat the process. I have used it already a few times on legs and twice on my arms and I have noticed a difference! Highly recommend this Smoothskin Pure IPL. Saves trips to professional offices and money!

Long Power Cord

The power cord for the base station and the wand are both nice and long. It’s never been a problem reaching a power outlet. The fact that it isn’t battery powered is also great when doing larger areas like full legs. Both cords wrap around the base nicely and the whole unit can be stored neatly.

The Wand

The wand is light enough to hold without straining your hands. The button is a little hard to press at times, but it’s not something you want to accidentally press anyway. The sensors on the wand also need a little bit of fiddling to engage sometimes on tricky areas like around the knees, but it’s a good safety feature to have.

After two months the bulb is going strong with no signs of wearing out. It’s easy to keep clean with the cloth (I wrap mine around a Q-Tip to reach into the window). I do let it cool down from time to time during longer treatments since it does get hot, but it’s never overheated on me.

Easy To Use

In time, I have tried so many hair removal products, but this is the first one that I truly love. I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how smooth it has made my skin! Also, I have bought one for my mother for Mother’s Day! She will be super excited as she saw my results and was amazed!

I truly loved this Smoothskin Pure IPL. Once again this company doesn’t fail me. It’s very sleek and elegant. Fits the hand perfectly. Very well made. It is important to read the instructions but again they are very easy to follow! The package includes: SmoothSkin Pure, quick start booklet, power supply. No pain at all and very effective. Absolutely love it!

Basically, if you’re thinking of laser hair removal but you’re not sure about going to a spa or doing it yourself, the Smoothskin Pure IPL is a very good investment.

Smoothskin Pure IPL Features

I suppose for the price you would expect it to work but I was hesitant before purchasing in case it was just another beauty gimmick. I had previously purchased one of the first IPL devices which was really time consuming and eventually ran out of the bulbs which I could no longer purchase due to its age. It also overheated a lot meaning treatment time took so long. In the end, I didn’t keep up with the treatments so it went to waste.

This product on the other hand seems great so far. Before Covid-19 I had been receiving laser treatment on my legs at a clinic and to be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with the results. My hair does grow very quickly (if I shave in the morning, I will be stubbly by the evening) and my regrowth has reduced with the laser but not as much as I thought it would have done after 10 sessions. I decided to buy this product because the price is equal to about 6 laser sessions at the clinic I go to and wanted to try it in other areas.

Perfect For The Summer

I have been using this item to treat my bikini line and it is amazing, the best product for this area I think. It’s been painless and I can go a whole week without needing to shave, perfect for the summer. I have always struggled with this area on holidays as shaving and waxing left me with horrible looking bumps.

With Smoothskin Pure IPL, there is no reaction and the regrowth has definitely reduced, I have also noticed ‘dead’ hair follicles falling out which is a good sign too and no signs of it overheating like my old one!

In terms of the treatment, the only difficulty is knowing which areas you’ve already treated as you can end up missing hairs so some areas still have more regrowth than others but I understand this is why they recommend 1 treatment a week for 12 weeks so that eventually you should get them all. In the end, I think you just treat as necessary, which I expect is achievable as I’m already struggling to shave every 7 days to complete the 12 week process, some hairs just haven’t grown that much.

The Power Mode

The Power Mode is my favourite thing, it is the highest power level and you can use it to really go to town in stubborn areas. I’m in my late twenties and some pesky chin hairs are starting to come through (yay for getting older, am I right?) so I’ve been zapping them with Power mode and I finally feel like I don’t have to check for a beard in every reflective surface I find!

All in all, I can’t recommend this enough. It does the hard work for me, it even picks the right power level for me so I don’t have to mess around with settings. I love Smoothskin Pure IPL!


How To Use Smoothskin Pure IPL?

Of the multiple at home laser hair removal kits on Amazon, I’d say this is one of the more inexpensive ones, but I believe it’s getting the job done. So I’d say it’s worth it. The instruction pamphlet states that you’ll need to use the product for at least eight weeks in order to actually achieve removing hair long term, additionally you might have to use it periodically as you desire or see fit. However, what I’ve noticed is that it’s not painful, and certain hairs aren’t growing back. It beats going and getting treatments in the office when there are plenty of places still shut down due to restrictions. I’m excited for this Smoothskin Pure IPL, I want to use it forever and not have to worry about shaving so often!

Visible Reduction In Hair Growth

This product is really easy to use. What I really like is that it has two features which allow you to either press once or hold down so you can cover larger areas more quickly. I have been using it on my lower legs, underarms and bikini line and it has been really quick – under 10 minutes in total – and easy to use. Now, I already have 4 weeks since I am using  Smoothskin Pure IPL and I am already seeing a visible reduction in hair growth which I am really pleased with.

The only downsides – and these are very minor in my opinion – is that some more awkward areas of your body might need a bit of a jiggle to get the laser in the right place to work. You will feel a warmth on your skin which doesn’t hurt although occasionally (if you have missed a few hairs when shaving) it will feel a bit hot which can come as a shock.

Sleek Looks

By week 5, I had no regrowth on my arms, belly, lower back, face and legs. There was significant reduction of regrowth on my underarms and bikini. The instructions say, initially use weekly for 12 weeks, then top up every 4-8 weeks. So I’m not even halfway through the initial treatment and it has worked almost 100%!

Bear in mind you must be committed to the process and keep consistent – that’s the hard part. Also depends on how hairy you are and how many body parts you’re covering (I’m obviously quite hairy and have covered a lot). I bought it during lock down as I thought, this is when I have the time! Would have been nice to get a travel pouch. It does tend to get dirty with each use, even though I wipe down the laser window with a damp cloth. Otherwise the product is great value and looks sleek!

How to use it correctly? Just follow this steps:

Step 1:

Shave the area you intend to treat

Step 2:

Get the device in full contact with your skin

Step 3:

The device will scan your skin and only emit flashes if your skin tone is suitable

Step 4:

By pressing the button select the power you want to use (Gentle or Speed mode)

Step 4:

Use the Glide Mode and move the device on your body

Step 5:

Use the Stamp Mode to treat smaller areas such as the underarms

Step 6:

After you finished your session apply some moisturiser solution

Personal Opinion On The Smoothskin Pure IPL

I received my Smoothskin Pure IPL two months ago, and both me and my sister have been using it ever since. We are both light-skinned and we both have thick dark body hair, so it seemed like the perfect solution. So far it has worked very well for both of us.

I have been using it on my legs, and where I used to need to shave them every few days, I can now wait the recommended two weeks between treatments without shaving and still look smooth. There is still hair, but a lot less of it and a lot lighter.

To compare with professional laser treatments, I also bought a package for my chest from a spa and have been going to them for two months as well. So far they have only been able to do two treatments (wanting a 6 to 8 week period between each treatment), and the hair there is still a lot thicker and denser compared to my legs.

Pain Free

If I had to make a judgement from my personal experience, I’d have to say the Smoothskin Pure IPL is actually working better than the professional treatments. The only thing to keep in mind about that statement is that it does take more time, effort, and dedication. You have to carefully go over each area of your skin every two weeks to get the best results. On the plus side, it does hurt a lot less than the professional laser as well and you can do it at home.


  • Very effective
  • Corded
  • Good price
  • Fast results
  • Fast and painless


  • The start kit could include more information


Overall the performance and features of Smoothskin Pure IPL are truly amazing and powerful in removing excess and stubborn body hair in no time. With its safe but truly effective features you can be sure that you will be able to get rid of those excess body hairs without the fears and worries of getting burned or acquiring skin allergies and irritations. Go and check it out and have flawless and smoother, silkier skin in no time at all.

There are a lot of features that are offered by this simple item. Many people are satisfied with the result after using this product for a few days. It can give you instant results when removing hair from your skin. I highly recommend you to buy a Smoothskin Pure IPL for yourself!

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