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Tress Waxing Kit Review

Tress Waxing Kit Review

Are you still looking for an efficient solution to get rid of unwanted hair? For me the best method is waxing. It is a very efficient method because the hair is pulled from its roots and makes it grow back slower and less. Are you still searching for a good device which will give you that smooth and silky skin? I found mine after I already tried a lot of inefficient products!

If you want to find out more information about how you can get rid of hair simple and quick, you are in the right place! Read this Tress Waxing Kit Wax Warmer review and you will find valuable information and tips which will help you in your battle with a hairy body.

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Pro Wax 100
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  • Suitable for professional salon use
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What Is Tress Waxing Kit?

This Tress Waxing Kit Wax is by far the best wax kit I have ever used. It removed all the hair in one layering. I didn’t have to cover the same areas over and over. It’s not 100% painless, but it is very very tolerable. I thought it wasn’t working because it didn’t hurt, looked at the wax and was amazed at the hair in it.

Yes! Finally found a wax that is great. I didn’t have even one spot that was seriously irritated, and to be 100% honest, I have very sensitive skin and break out easily. The smell of the wax ( I used lavender) was nice and aromatic without being overpowering. Following the instructions I succeed to set up the perfect temperature for my wax. I reached the best temperature and managed to not burn myself.

Gloves Included

The temperature knob is very helpful to help you in this process. I turned mine all the way up and down so many times trying to find a happy medium and I finally did! 165 was perfect for me. It made the wax silky smooth and not too hot. The wax went on in a nice thin layer with maximum results. As an added bonus, the warmer comes with gloves, 5 bags of wax beads, 2 packs of large and small sticks (one of each), a cleaning spray for preparing to wax, and a finishing lavender spray that soothes the skin. You couldn’t ask for a better deal!

It is Easy to use if you follow the instructions. I read the reviews and it seems people are very happy about this Tress Waxing Kit Wax as well. I purchased this for facial hair – lip and eyebrows. Facial hair is a lot finer than hair on your legs so I didn’t have an issue with it, all the unwanted hair came right off and it really was painless.

Perfect Machine For Beginners

You have to practice a few times and learn to eyeball the look of the wax and temp, meaning, you don’t want to drop the temp so much that it gets hard right away when you put on your face, then the wax becomes stringy and complicated to spread. I would recommend, when you do the temperature check on your palm to get used to applying the wax on the warmer side, it’s normal to feel hot, but it works so much better when it feels hotter.

This is definitely a perfect machine for beginners, once because it comes with everything you need. And secondly, because it is very simple to use and provides an incredible result! I found that when I applied a thicker layer it was easier to pull off all in one piece and it pulled off more hair.

I truly recommend you to buy Tress Waxing Kit Wax and you will see how it changes your life! It will be easier when it comes to removing unwanted hair.

Tress Waxing Kit Features

I like my body to be smooth and silky. And for that, the Tress Waxing Kit Wax is a dream come true. Why am I writing this review? Because this Tress Waxing Kit Wax is too good not to share. I did a Brazilian on myself for the first time in my life, and looking at my handiwork, I will never go to the salon again. Thinking about it, I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.

The kit is super easy to use, comes with absolutely everything (I did put towels down to protect the flooring just in case, but it wasn’t messy) including a brief but useful step-by-step. Not only did this kit save me from shaving while quarantining (1 wax every 5 weeks vs shaving every other day), but it also gave me an unexpected confidence boost.

I strutted out of my bathroom like a new woman. If my car broke down on the side of the road that day, I would have felt the confidence to fix it (confidence, not competence). You can’t put a price on that feeling. This kit is worth every single penny. And why do I say that? Because Tress Waxing Kit Wax has great features.

No More Expensive Salon Visits

I know, it is very convenient to just go to a salon to get rid of unwanted hair. But why would you do that when you can get the same results, in the comfort of your own home cheaper? Especially when the Tress Waxing Kit Wax is here to help you. Save your money and time getting the most effective result with Tress Waxing Kit Wax ! Enjoy a complete waxing treatment with incredible results using the items included in this kit:

  1. Five bean bags
  2. Twenty waxing sticks
  3. Ten eyebrow waxing sticks
  4. One pre waxing and one post waxing spray
  5. Five protective rings

No Irritation! Less Mess! Zero Inflammations!

Enough is enough! Buying Tress Waxing Kit Wax say “No more” to irritate skin, to the mess provoked by wax during the process and to the inflamed skin after waxing! The wax provided in Tress Waxing Kit Wax has a special formula with a smoother application which is designed to reduce the irritation with natural ingredients. Also, this is tested and recommended for all skin types. The spays included in this kit ( pre & post waxing) will help you to prepare your skin for waxing, and take good care of it after the process as well.

Reliable Digital Display

The wax warmer which comes with the Tress Waxing Kit Wax has the newest model of a reliable digital display. Why is it a great feature? Because now you can be in full control with the wax temperature and prevent burning your skin. The wax included in this kit is low melting point which means that it is very effective without the painfully hot temperature.


How To Use The Tress Waxing Kit

I absolutely love this The Tress Waxing Kit Wax! The wax warmer is so cute. I like the wax set. It comes with everything you need to get started. My suggestion is just to stock up on the beads. The beads have a very nice smell and makes the process even more enjoyable. The wax glides on nicely. For the price it’s worth it. This was a great deal for me. The only drawback is that the wax beads do not last.

I’m a very hairy person but to wax my entire body I might need 1 and a half to 2 bags of the beads. The bags are somewhat small. The cost comes in with purchasing the wax bead set. I wish that they had the option to sell the wax without the extras. The popsicle sticks could be purchased at the dollar store but comes with the set. One thing I really like about this brand is that you save by not having to purchase muslin wax strips.

It Comes With Everything You Need

The Tress Waxing Kit Wax is awesome because it comes with everything you need. I was expecting the scents to be overwhelming and fake smelling, but it was nothing like that! I have only used lavender so far but I was super pleased that it was just a light, faint smell. This The Tress Waxing Kit Wax ​is great.

I was very impressed right away by all the stuff that came with the Tress Waxing Kit Wax! There are medical grade gloves that were also included so that was a bonus! My son even wanted to try it out which he regretted shortly after the wax was placed on the small area of his leg! The wax container itself is very nicely made, and when it’s heating up it even tells you what the temp is at until it gets up to your full temperature.

Beginners Friendly

I like that it’s easy to use for beginners. There wasn’t anything I disliked! I also was very impressed that it is so painless.The product is easy to use and the instructions are thorough.
Reading the book with the instructions you will know exactly what you have to do and how to use the Tress Waxing Kit Wax safely and correctly.

Before getting started you need to clean really well the surface you intend to treat. After that choose the type of wax you will use, pour it in the wax warmer container, select the temperature and give it a while to melt down. When the wax gets to the temperature you want it’s ready to be spread on your body. Take care of your skin using the pre and aftercare items provided in the Tress Waxing Kit Wax. After usage, let the wax warmer cool down, clean it and store it until the next time when you need to use it!

Overall I’m very happy with the product and I’m so happy to have this in my life. I will recommend you to buy it as well if you really want an improvement when it comes to waxing.

Personal Opinion On Is Tress Waxing Kit

At the beginning I was very skeptical about Tress Waxing Kit Wax Warmer. But I decided to give it a chance after I already tested another products and they didn’t work for me. For start, I find that the wax beads included are the best and at a very good quality according to the price. I also absolutely love the wax warmer. It’s very nice looking, works very well, and has a digital temperature read. I’ve used it many, many times without any issue. I also really like the pre and post sprays that come with. You can fit a standard wax jar in the warmer, use a silicone insert (my personal fave and easy clean) or pour the beads straight in.

Super High Quality Wax

I recommend getting something to pour the beads into though, so that you can actually keep your warmer clean. When it comes to the actual beads, I’m a huge fan. The wax is a super high quality, and maybe very good for a beginner to have a great experience. I’m not a beginner, I used different types of wax before and this is how I can say this has a very good quality and provides the best results. This wax grabs most of the hair, and doesn’t cause irritation. I found that this wax has a very nice texture, and it doesn’t break during the process. I’m super happy with this Tress Waxing Kit Wax Warmer and I would truly recommend to everyone who has enough to use noneffective products. I really like the wax warmer very much and this pricing is great!

Tress Waxing Kit – Pros

  • High quality
  • Very good price
  • Includes all you need for a perfect waxing

Tress Waxing Kit – Cons

  • I would like a carry bag for wax warmer to be included

Tress Waxing Kit Conclusion

I have never waxed at home and have never had my legs waxed professionally, but this Tress Waxing Kit Wax Warmer has everything you need even for a beginner. The product is packaged securely and everything is of a great quality. I would suggest ordering larger applicator sticks if you plan to wax your legs or larger areas, because the sticks that are provided are a little bit small and best for smaller waxing areas like the lips.

You do not need the fabric strips for the hard wax, it hardens and you pull it directly. The instructions include a suggested temp guide, and provides you all information you need to use it safe and correctly. Don’t let the affordable price fool you, this is a great wax kit! I truly recommend this Tress Waxing Kit Wax Warmer to everyone! This is a “MUST” in every house!

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