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Ulike Diamond Air+ Review

Ulike Diamond Air+ Review

Did you find the best laser hair removal? I bet you didn’t! But the question it’s: do you want to find it? If yes, then you are in exactly the right place! Read this Ulike Diamond Air+ review and it will change your life! Not until long ago I was in a really bad situation. I was fed up trying to find the best device to get rid of unwanted hair. In fact, before that I was trying all methods until I decided that the one with the laser hair removal device it’s the best one for me.

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All I needed to do after that was to find the best device. After a few attempts I discovered Ulike Diamond Air+ and all I regret it’s that I didn’t discover it earlier. Come along, read this Ulike Diamond Air+ review and you will find out what I am talking about!

What Is Ulike Diamond Air+?

I can truthfully say this product is amazing. Every week I am still using it (I think I’m addicted to it).  Also, I have already written a little review here about Ulike Diamond Air+ but that was when I had only used it for 3 weeks into 16 weeks and past the 3 months trial. Below I will share with you my experience with Ulike Diamond Air+!

So let’s start with:


From having to shave my legs every day if i wanted them smooth i now would say i do not really need to shave them even after a week they still feel pretty smooth and definitely can not see any hair i am still doing the process every week but i think i will stop after today’s session and try to leave it 2 weeks and see the results.

Bikini Line

All I can say is “WOW” I would normally have to sort this area out on a daily basis if I wanted it to be smooth. But again after 1 week there is still no hair growth. I decided after a few weeks of seeing how well it was going I would try a restyle for my bikini area. Just tidy it a little bit more than usual and I can tell you that even hair that I would not have and have never taken off before has not grown back. Again i have only left it a week and will be doing one more session then gonna leave for 2 weeks and see where i am.


I have dark hair on my arms. I used to bleach them for years, then started waxing them myself. It worked well for a week or so but then the usual spiky feeling. So since using this device I can say this is one of the areas which I saw the fastest result after about 3 weeks and I had no hair growing back. Again as I said above I will do one more session which is tonight then will leave for 2 weeks and see. But I am really happy my arms look smooth I have even looked at them next to a very magnified mirror and I can’t even see a black dot where the hair would be coming through.

Under Arms

Again I used to wax under my arms, which I hated because it hurt like hell and also I had to leave them to grow so I could get all the hair.

Like my arms I saw very quick results in this area within a 3 week period again last session today then leave for 2 weeks.

I have bared my soul on this post just in case there is anyone else out there with unwanted hair issues and by reading this post it will help.

Ulike Diamond Air+ Features

Are you looking for a solution to slow down your hair regrowth? Well, then it’s time to introduce you to the Ulike Diamond Air+. This it’s the best hair removal device which helped a lot of women to make the wish of a smooth skin come true. Why is it an amazing device? Because it has great features which makes the difference to the other products on the market. What I really love about Ulike Diamond Air+ it’s that its head provides maximum contact with your skin. This will guarantee the effectiveness of your treatment and will slow down hair regrowth so much quicker. Below I will share with you all its great features!

IPL Technology

The Ulike Diamond Air+ it’s working with intense pulsed light (IPL) which transfers light energy through the skin surface, which will convert into heat energy. With this method the hair follicles will be destroyed which will lead to a permanently reducing hair regrowth.

Two Treatments Modes

Use continuous mode to role the device over your skin treating the large areas on your body. Option number two it’s single mode which it’s designed for small areas for a more targeted treatment.

Sapphire Freezing Technology

This Ulike Diamond Air+ has a clever cooling technology which reduces the heat liberated by the device to protect the skin. Also, this function makes each treatment painless and more comfortable than any other device will make it.

Five Energy Levels

Lucky for you, the Ulike Diamond Air+ has 5 energy settings where you can choose from. Be in full control during your session by choosing what level of intensity you want the device to work with. Of course it depends on the skin type, but I recommend you to start with the lowest level and increase it little by little if you think you need to.

Treatment Areas

Another great thing about Ulike Diamond Air+ it’s that you can use this device for most of your body surfaces. It is suitable for treating the legs, bikini line, arms, facial hair and also underarms.

Treatment Plan

I will recommend you in the first two weeks to use the Ulike Diamond Air+ three times per week. After these three weeks until the fifth week you can move and use it twice per week. If you will notice excellent results then you can move your sessions to once or twice per month.

Suitable For The Most Type Of Skin

The Ulike Diamond Air+ it’s suitable for most types of skin. The only exceptions are very dark skin tones and the people who have very light blond, red or grey/white hair.

The Package Includes

  1. The Ulike Diamond Air+ device
  2. One razor. You can use it to get the area ready by shaving it before treatmen
  3. One pair of safety glasses. By wearing them your eyes will be protected during the treatment session
  4. Power cable
  5. User manual


How To Use Ulike Diamond Air+?

Fantastic IPL! My review is based on using this IPL on 3 occasions over 3 weeks. The Ulike Diamond Air+ is a great device at a very good price for its quality. It has a comfortable grip, it’s not too heavy and is easy to hold and reach the ‘shooting button’. It’s mostly painless to use (depending on the part of the body where the hair is being removed) at most you feel a slight tingle, there’s an inbuilt cooling feature and LED screen for you to monitor the settings. A sensitivity test is advised before first use.


This Ulike Diamond Air+ arrives in a well presented box containing the IPL device, user manual, protection glasses and a disposable razor. As with all IPL’s, hair needs to be shaved first to prevent burning.

So far I’ve only tried this on my legs. Results so far: there was a noticeable difference after my second use, hair that’s grown back feels a lot smoother and seems finer so my legs look better even though they’re not completely hairless – yet! There’s no regrowth that feels spiky and itchy which is a massive bonus! I’m going to carry on using once a week and hope for total ‘hairlessness’ in around 8-9 weeks!

Biggest Worry

My biggest worry with a device like this would be that it’s too complicated (it’s not, the instructions are really clear but do give them a careful read) or that it would be too painful (it’s really not!). I have a very low pain threshold and even I can’t feel it other than a slight warm sensation. To be fair though, I have kept it on 1 (the lowest setting) and have only used it on my legs so far as I didn’t want to start with a sensitive area – might be brave enough for that soon though. For reference I have light brown hair, fair skin and normally coarse dark leg hairs – this is not suitable with all hair/skin types so make sure it works with your own type first.

I’d definitely recommend this IUlike Diamond Air+, certainly beats waxing and going to a salon!

Personal Opinion On The Ulike Diamond Air+

I purchased this after a considerable time of debating whether it’s worth the expense or not.

I have always had excessive hair everywhere, legs, face, bikini area etc and this product has absolutely transformed my life. Within the 2 months of using it there has been a significant reduction in my hair regrowth.

Considering the amount of time it took to shave, epilate, wax, pluck, wax etc i feel the Ulike Diamond Air+ takes much less faffing about in the long run. It is also much less painful than anticipated (I have been using it on the highest setting).

In my humble opinion this is an absolutely brilliant product, well worth the money. I feel so much more feminine as a result of using it. I am delighted with it.


Sadly for this area which I was hoping would work the best it has not been as successful. My fine hair on the side of the face has more or less gone. but as I said in my last very long post I have had problems with facial hair since I was a teen and I have always plucked it which is time consuming and not good for your skin either so the hair is quite coarse and strong. I have been scared of my chin from doing this for many years.

So my advice for any female with facial hair problems (do not pluck).

So when i bought this device this was the area i was praying it would work on the best.

As you know to use this device you have to stop plucking and shaving, which was worrying in itself. But I did stop plucking and shaved. It’s not all negative as I only have to once in the morning but it’s back the next day. I can see patches where I used to have hair so I am still hoping if i carry on I will see better results in a few more months. I am only guessing but maybe it’s because of all the plucking the hair is stronger.


  • Great quality
  • Great features
  • Safety glasses included in your package
  • Razor included
  • Two treatment modes
  • Sapphire freezing technology
  • Five energy levels
  • Suitable for most of skin types
  • Two years warranty


  • I would like to have included some pre and post lotions


I can honestly say this is the best $300 I have ever spent. I have spent a lot more on removing it throughout the years which have not given me these results as fast and I did try Laser treatment and electrolysis (which by the way hurts like hell).

So ladies if you are cursed with having to shave every day on any part of your body and you’re looking for a device you can use yourself. Get that credit card out and buy this you won’t be disappointed.Any way if you are, you always have the 90 day returns policy.

I was sure when I bought it I was going to send it back but here I am writing this review.

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